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Why government should ban Big Brother Naija

Why government should ban Big Brother Naija

Originally a Twitter thread by Kelvin Odanz.

I think MURIC (Muslim Rights Concern) has a point in saying Big Brother Naija should be banned. This is an issue of national emergency if you ask me. BBNaija is not only distracting us from tackling Fulani herdsmen and corruption in Nigeria; it also infringes on the religious right of some peace-loving Muslims.

While growing up, it was a norm that Deeper Life members saw seeing television as a sin. I think it is a historical injustice that televisions were not banned for their sake. That was a mistake. But in this internet age, we can’t repeat such a mistake.

Religious tolerance means accommodating everyone’s religious believes. For instance, Deeper Lifers still frown at women wearing trousers and jewellery. We need to do something about this. It is a hindrance to we forging unity to tackle national issues.

Let the government set an example by banning BBNaija. We need to begin somewhere. After BBNaija, we can then pay proper attention to urgent matters like Television, Jewellery, Trousers etc. Other countries are progressing. Nigeria can’t afford to lag behind. Tainks.

By the way, only unprogressive bigots will disagree with what MURIC has been saying. Bigots don’t belong in our modern society, they lack the RANGE to function in a modern world. Religious tolerance is key. Bigotry has no place among us. Do better, please.

Please if you don’t have anything relevant to say, just keep quiet. You people are displaying your ignorance on Twitter. Do you know how dangerous BBNaija is? Do you know the harm jewellery or trousers can do to the spiritual health of some Christians? Are you guys okay?

Nigerians are hypocrites. And it can honestly get disgusting. What is wrong with some of you? Fulani Herdmen are killing people, Shiites are protesting, and you think the government shouldn’t ban #BBNaija? This country is not ready for change. I am literally shaking. I am shuddering.

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4 years ago


4 years ago

Kelvin Odanz does it for me every time.

mene tosan
mene tosan
3 years ago

Well done a finely constructed and articulated article. Well,i do sincerely hope you continue in this line of thought.

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