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Where are Nigeria’s best brains?

Where are Nigeria’s best brains?

By: Francis Olamide

The way Nigeria is losing her best brains to other countries is alarming, at least for me. Some well-meaning citizens have said it’s a sign of surplus productivity. Or what do we call it when a nation starts exporting her best hands abroad? Orisirisi Nigeria-born British kinikan, Nigeria-born Canada kinikan. Don’t even talk of Nigeria-born Americans, they plenty pass Atlantic ocean. In fact, there is no way Mr Integrity will list his achievements in 2023 without mentioning, “We successfully scouted for many of our best brains that have been abroad.” Sebi it’s an achievement, at least to the ‘sai baba’ compound.

Aunty mii, Abike Dabiri is always the chief announcer of their names and feats. She’ll be like, “Our commitment to improving the image of Nigeria internationally continues. I’m happy to tell you that under this PMB administration, 10 Nigerians won a scholarship to study in the UK.” Excuse me, how does that reduce the price of garri in the market? E dakun, how has it reduced our number of out of school children?

Let Lagbaja win a contract in Dubai, it’s an achievement; as well as when Mr Tamedu wins a scholarship in Canada.

Thank God Baba has told us to leave this country if it is no more habitable for us. Leave it for Baba, it’s not by force. The more we are, the more headache we’re giving Baba. Maybe Baba was trying to copy his US counterpart with that statement; the one that constantly enumerates the number of jobs he provides every month and how he has improved the standard of living of his people. The one that congratulates graduates in his country, encouraging them to go on to be the best they can be because he has created the enabling environment.

But Baba told some University graduates earlier this year that a degree doesn’t guarantee a rosy life. It is just the beginning of the struggle. Baba was using one corner eye to tell them, “E fee kuu, suffer go tire you.” Baba could be right because he himself was a graduate—at least graduate na graduate. Especially a graduate whose O’level results are directly delivered to his residence. Awon special candidate niyen. Let’s not even go there today.

Baba is very much concentrated on washing the country clean of corrupt people. Can’t you see how he chose those he personally knew as Ministers, despite the pressure from outside?

Why will the best brains stay in the country full of opportunities and reward for success… opportunity to be a member of the world poverty capital nation and handsome rewards for undignified labour. Can’t you see how huge the prize and recognition for the best graduating students of our Universities are? Presentation of a mug, two thousand five hundred naira is a bonafide reason for any reasonable student to face his studies as Baba is facing Nigeria, isn’t it?

Is that not what you people said? That too much money or recognition for our brightest minds will get into their head and will not make them achieve more?

Omo, this obodo naija lasan, a fi suuru nii. Let me famz them jare; I’m a Nigerian-born British citizen. Don’t say I’m not patriotic, is Nigeria not
in my identity?

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