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When Nigeria decides to isolate you

When Nigeria decides to isolate you

Badmus Sheriff

It would be a case of double isolation, getting isolated in an isolated nation. Super isolation! When you hold a Nigerian passport, you are technically isolated. 

In saner climes, isolation is life, isolation is free food, meaningful freedom. In Nigeria, isolation is an empty room launched on a bed, no “tele,’’ mosquitoes are knights of the air and the heat itself can re-isolate a body from its soul.

Tell me not tales of goodwill, corona and poverty are simply two deadly partners: I just pray they don’t meet in Nigeria!

When Nigeria decides to isolate you please buy your own bread. The fact is that you must survive hunger to survive corona.  Try as much as possible to locate your space beside the “louvres’’ that you may naturally subscribe to fresh air and nature sponsored movies. Get bags of “pure water’’ and a handy bucket.

Try and get a small “tiger’’ gasoline generator and torchlight to cope with power outages. Please don’t expect any Wi-Fi. You may need to buy yourself a standing fan too (the rechargeable ones please!). Just think and prepare. Be rugged as usual! 

There is no such self-isolation for a man leaving in a room and parlour (would he pack to the room while his family manages the parlour?). The housing structures in Nigeria are so poor that they rarely allow for such isolations. So, if the dreaded Corona ever comes, we remain a subject to our “ever-prepared’’ public isolation centres.

Badmus Sheriff is currently a volunteer at TheTransverse. He is a graduate of Nigeria’s University of Ibadan with interests in Agricultural Economics.

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