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What Essence is Tems without BigWiz?

What Essence is Tems without BigWiz?

by: Chuks Chinyere

Tems is an exceptional singer and songwriter, her rise is the fastest the Nigerian music scene has ever seen. Only less than half a decade into her entry to the Nigerian Music Industry, she has set the record as the first and only Afrobeats female artist to win a Grammy, but this feat is by no credit of hers, it’s thanks to the men in her life.

I am not talking about her Dad, the man by whose seed she became, by whose sponsorship she was bred and educated, even morally so much that she could withstand the rejection form Nigerian record labels over the argument that her sound was unsellable, so that she was provoked to start The Leading Vibe, the vehicle she used to make and promote her music by her hands. The men that takes credit for Tems’ exponential career progress, even this Grammy award, is neither Future nor Drake, the ones who collaborated with her on Wait for U, the song that won the Best Melodic Rap Performance, Tems’ vocals being the very ingredient that made this record eligible for this category at the Grammys. The “men” that takes credit for Tems’ exponential explosive career success in the shortest possible time, is the shortest possible man to have the word “BIG” prefix his moniker, it’s no other person than (suspense pause) BigWizzzz (…and the FC goes agog).

Temilade owes her entire music career to Wizkid, it doesn’t matter how well her previous and subsequent projects do, doesn’t matter all the work she and her team put in day and night before and after her collaboration with Wizkid, the day Tems earns that highly venerated EGOT status, I will be here to tell you how Wizkid was the one who, like God the Father, looked down on her from his elevated throne of grace, that rests on the back of ⅓ of the FC with another ⅓ howling and tweeting of his greatness, had mercy on her, her speedily growing career and her exceptional voice, reached out to her, and helped himself to a collaboration that earned him the biggest song of his career till date. By word count, Tems contributed more to the song Essense than Wizkid, word on the street suggests she wrote the chorus, which is the heart of the record, and most of the verses, but all that does not matter, Wizkid gave her a platform to showcase herself, as a selfless act of charity, she must forever be grateful and acknowledge this fact with every award acceptance speech she might give.

Tems is enjoying a full blown B class Hollywood celebrity status, attending Roc Natiion pre-Grammy brunches, getting premium attention on the Grammy red carpet, collaborating with likes of Drake and Beyonce on their respective albums, co-writing with Rihanna on one of her most anticipated musical releases, thanks to her much appreciated hits, propelled by her desire to rack up some cosmetic slash fashion billions. Snoop Dogg, the very guy the whole Nigerian industry celebrated Dbanj and Don Jazzy, only a little over a decade ago, for managing to collaborate with, on the remix of Mr. Endowed, a record which was already a hit across Africa, was on social media a few weeks ago, begging for a Tems collaboration whilst professing his undying love for this Wizkid beneficiary, like a typical SoundCloud rapper would. Tons of other unreleased projects with A list entertainers are possibly underway and I would suspect Tems is getting all this recognition on the back of Wizkid’s recommendation. It’s hard to imagine anyone reaching out to Tems’ management for a possible collaboration with this exceptional singer, notwithstanding her enthralling voice which is 100% hers, without first getting Wizkid’s express blessings. Wiz’s influence on her work has to be more than meets the eye, for the remaining ⅓ of Wizkid FC to find it impossible to refrain from reminding everyone of the bird app and everywhere else that, Tems owe her entire career to Wizkid’s grace, the same grace that didn’t do much for Terri.

Some people would very honestly suggest, Wizkid deserves his flowers for identifying the spectacular talent in Tems, and giving her room to shine on his most anticipated album. They will also try to chip in, how important it is to note, Wizkid befitted immensely from Tems’ contribution on the Made in Lagos album. But they would wonder, while the howling department of Wizkid FC who have taken it upon themselves to reiterate Wizkid’s invaluable contribution to Tems’ career at her every win, whilst missing the obvious benefits for him, find it a daunting task to revere Skepta in the same light, for his actual work of charity, in putting Drake unto Wizkid’s Ojuelegba, pushing for a remake, hereby giving Wizkid the career boost of a lifetime. The people who wonder these things are not me, I totally understand why Skepta is rarely mentioned as the very catalyst that made Wizkid an international superstar, I understand why nobody is suggestive of the fact that Skeppy’s loud and public acceptance of Wizkid contributed immensely to the growth of Wizkid’s British fanbase, so that he could sell out the O2 in minutes. Very honestly, it doesn’t matter if the Wizkid-Tems relationship is more symbiotic while

Skepta-Wizkid is giving parasitic, all that don’t matter.

As a true FC you have one job, shut down your critical thinking abilities, if you have none the best, drag down anyone and everyone. Wake up and begin the lies, in all things, make sure Wizkid is praised.

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