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We don’t know why citizens are upset at extra-judicial killings, they should be thanking us — Nigerian Police Force

We don’t know why citizens are upset at extra-judicial killings, they should be thanking us — Nigerian Police Force

by: Idris Braimoh

After the senseless killing of another Nigerian citizen last night by the Nigerian Police Force, an urgent meeting has been conveyed this morning between concerned citizens and the Public Relations Officer of the Force.

“I don’t understand the outrage to be honest.” The Police PRO during the closed door meeting said, according to our sources. “The police are just doing their jobs as Eco-friendly earth inhabitants who are trying to reduce the earth’s population, so the earth’s resources won’t diminish before the future generations get here.”

“The citizens are meant to be thanking us instead.” the Police PRO stated to the shock and dismay of the citizens who attended the meeting.

The one who couldn’t believe his eyes and close his mouth until the meeting ended was the President of the Concerned Citizens Association, Mr Dey Play who had this to say to Punocracy: “The only thing that prevented me from strangling the PRO was the escorts he had with him and the fear of God my late mother instilled in me, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, reducing the earth’s population? What is this? A Dan Brown Novel?”

The Police PRO who didn’t know he narrowly escaped beatings due to the fear of God, also went on to say: “Check the stats, the Nigerian Police Force is top three in the world, we wouldn’t be in that position if we weren’t doing something right.”

Another citizen who attended the meeting spoke to Punocracy anonymously to avoid the fate of being an unwilling martyr in the cause of population reduction. “The PRO also said they are committed to protect and serve, and that includes making sure the earth is protected, Who are they? The Avengers?”

All efforts to contact the Police for further comments have been futile at the time of the publication of this article.

Braimoh Idris is a writer, poet who was born and currently reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Idris uses writing as a medium to share his thoughts and feelings with the world.He reads fantasy novels in his spare time, he is a big fan of Terry Goodkind.

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