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Urji Wuzor Carloo: Senator representing Kuje Prison Senatorial District

Urji Wuzor Carloo: Senator representing Kuje Prison Senatorial District

By: Olamide Francis

Finally, the people of Kuje Prison can now access their Senator, any day, any time. Tell me, which senator in Nigeria is so close to his people than Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, the honourable senator representing the people of Kuje Prison? People at Kuje have been in dire need of a worthy representative all these while, and Orji has finally heeded their call like how PMB answered the call of Nigerians in 2014.

When I told my friend from a more saner clime, he was shocked. “How can one be legislating from the prison?” he inquired. “Why can’t he?” I replied.

Is he not a powerful Nigerian? Are we not in Nigeria? We must be compassionate nah. Prison or no prison, the intellect of Senator Kalu is very much needed in the Senate. Can’t you see how many bills he has sponsored that has helped the masses? Who will not miss that kind of person at the Senate? More so, he will be able to relate properly with the people of Kuje with his enormous experiences as the chief whip of the Senate.

Daddy Rubber Stamp, aka Senate President, categorically said his salaries and allowances will steadily continue to enter his account with the speed of light. And that his seat cannot be declared vacant according to the law. What a good law!

No doubt, our constitution was designed to favour the builders, sorry destroyers, of our national treasury. Abi kinni kaa ti wii, if a constitution agrees with paying allowances to a convicted person and prisoner? These guys designed the constitution with loopholes to enrich themselves and their circle. Awon masses lo daran bayii.

Well, it’s the people of Kuje that will enjoy. More money, more constituency projects. E ma gbadun lo eyin ara Kuje. I hope he truly goes to prison, and it is not the prison that goes to him.

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