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Two Nigerian self-taught Nobel laureates you probably didn’t know about

Two Nigerian self-taught Nobel laureates you probably didn’t know about

By: Ọlọbẹ Yoyọn

Professor Fẹmi Fani-Kayọde is a self-taught particle physicist and a former Nigerian Aviation Minister. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for his pioneering work on electromagnetic waves in 2019.

Recently, Prof Fani-Kayọde discovered the harmful effects of 5G on mosquitoes. In his research, he demonstrated that 5G signals are capable of zapping Plasmodium parasites.

The potential for this discovery is huge. Imagine a world without malaria! Evidently, Prof Fani-Kayọde will bag another Nobel Prize for this pioneering technology.

The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine is arguably the highest distinction in biomedical research. There is no question in my mind that epidemiologists have done work worthy of such distinction as demonstrated by another Nigerian self-taught epidemiologist, Professor Dino Melaye.

Prof Dino Melaye, a former senator who became the first Nigerian to bag a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2019 for his works on influenza pandemics.

In February this year, Prof Melaye singlehandedly mapped the genome of a newly discovered moronavirus — a virus that turns human brain to jelly. He found residues of 5G signals within the RNA of this virus!

Prof Melaye presented his findings to the WHO two days ago with great accolades from eminent scientists across the globe.

Nigeria is moving forward. These two towering scientists have demonstrated that you can become a Nobel laureate by reading tarot cards and indulging in conspiracy theories.

This piece was originally published on Facebook by the author on April 5, 2020.

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