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These days in marriage (2)

These days in marriage (2)

by: Badmus Sheriff Oluwakunmi

Dear Tife,

After going through your letter, I can only keep thanking God for your presence in my life. I must tell you that I have more hope in this relationship than I have in the Nigerian Government. It’s with this joy that I inform you of my acceptance of your witty ideas. I’ve decided to name this project SUSTAINABILITY 2022, by this year and in October I should have saved enough to fund our new and “humble” beginning. And on the 15th of the month, I think we should disappoint those who rover parties and clamour for all series of exotic dishes. At the expense of little kids?

I would like to discuss some pressing issues with you – more of the reason I think we should go ahead with our plans. As Nigerians, we are indebted locally and nationally. And adding more debts because we’re “celebrating” is dangerous for our “debt” health.  It becomes an affront when you feed fellow debtors to secure extra debts. Are we fashioned to owe debts? Also, we would tell our distant relatives to hold to their houses. The fear of bandits and kidnappers is the beginning of wisdom.

In the future, I have always had noble plans. I know the labour market sings terror and hardship. And when my PPA decided against retaining my services, I wept. I went for the final parade as though I was going to “pass out”. It was the thought of N-power that calmed my nerves. And as I was thinking about what I would resort to after N-power, the thought of the 774,000 jobs came to my mind; hasn’t this government been so “dear” to me?


For the many struggles.

Sheriff is currently a Research Intern at the Centre for Econometrics and Applied Research, Ibadan. He enjoys reading and writing pun at leisure.

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