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Theory of revolution

Theory of revolution

(From Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: A satire)

By: Adewara Joses

All citizens of a nation are to grow and develop

Through proper delivery of power by capable leaders

But here “change” came in and collided with a hurricane,

Citizens’ hearts evolve into hard stones,

They grow biceps and triceps

Through daily hustle, to survive.

Thus, Theory of Revolution, survival of the fittest, states

That body parts, blood pressures and boiling points of citizens change overtime,

As a result of “change” echoing from the sirens of politicians

Boys become thugs

Voices become caged, and then, cracked

So we become poets, to rant silently with our pens

Adewara Joses is a boy. Who loves to be happy. Always. So he pours his heart into poems. You can find him on Facebook: Adewara Joses, and
Instagram: @d_young_jo

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