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‘The outrageous dress code circular is not from us, but expect our version soon,’ Oh-Hey-You clarifies

‘The outrageous dress code circular is not from us, but expect our version soon,’ Oh-Hey-You clarifies

By: Olabode Olwaufemi

The Oh-Hey-You management has debunked the viral dress code circular, which sprouted several reactions on social media in the late hours of Sunday, adding that even though it has no idea where it came from, it is working on the official version — which sources say may be just as bad.

The widely circulated document outlawed misconducts such as putting on “sexually provocative dresses, backless clothes, transparent wears, off-shoulder clothes, bomb shorts,” and so on. Unwelcome kissing, hugging and touching of the opposite sex, massaging and sitting on the laps of the opposite sex are also not allowed, with the penalties ranging from rustication for one or two semesters.

The Yunifasiti P-aR-rOw, speaking with a mainstream media outlet on Sunday, stated that the circular didn’t emanate from the in-stew-tuition, although the management is considering a review of the dress code policy.

“It is not from the university administration. Although we are working on our own, I think those who brought that out are just being mischievous. Maybe they are trying to gauge the minds of the people and the students, but definitely, this is a university and we cannot accept any kind of dress; we have decency.”

But our sources confirmed that the “mischievous” people trying to gauge the minds of the public may not be too far from the senate building.

Meanwhile, an internal memorandum from the Yunifasiti’s legal review committee dated August 8th, 2023, called for the review of the code of conduct and dress code for students in the in-stew-tuition. It reads: “The University is in the process of reviewing some of its administrative instruments as well as putting in place a security policy. In particular, (i) the code of conduct for the university community (made in 1990) and (ii) the dress code for students in the university (made in 2002) are due for review, and there is a draft ‘University Security Policy’ for consideration.”

The management, similarly, in the early hours of Tuesday, via the in-stew-tuition’s official social media handles, directed that the circular should be disregarded as it didn’t emanate from the Yunifasiti. “The University, therefore, would urge all students, parents, guardians and all stakeholders to disregard the document in circulation, as the authors of the said circular were being deliberately mischievous and disruptive.”

But despite the debunk, students still believe this is more of a thriller, and the real movie is coming to the cinema soon.

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