by: Ibrahim Maryam

In my own opinion, the “anywayness” of the Nigerian government can be interpreted simply as “the ability of the government to provide a long term destructive plan guised as an empowering solution to the people, whenever they are confronted with a problem that is of their own making”.

The astronomical increase in mass killings, terrorism and the equivalent high rate of insecurity in the country has sparked up conversations on whether citizens being allowed access to their own personal ammunition would reduce the rate of insecurity and killings. Our leaders had very interesting opinions about this, with Governor Ortom coming out to clearly state “we need more guns”.

I think it is fair enough for our leaders who would most likely not be kidnapped or shot at on the streets by “unidentifiable” men in military wear, to make suggestions on self defence. I mean, however can you explain the 1000 AK47s and 4 million bullets that were discovered in the former governor’s office; he was obviously so fearful and concerned for his own personal safety and he needed protection – what a trailblazer! The officials’ push to legalize gun ownership is in no way an acknowledgement of their failure and their readiness to not be better in the future, but is rather an acknowledgement that they stand by and support the citizens and understand that the power should belong to the people.

Nigeria failed at refining its own oil, so our public office holders do it for us. Nigeria has failed in the education sector, so our public office holders own schools that provide standard education. Nigeria has failed at providing security, so our politicians can equally handle that for us. They definitely won’t be profiting off the poor, who would be buying the guns anyway – when have they ever?

Governor Ortom, having carefully studied the country made the suggestion while using USA as a case study, have understood this. Research showed that most people in America die by their own guns used against them, but the governor understands Nigerians, for he understands that we are more grounded and definitely smarter compared to Americans, we would never misuse the ammunition we procure, our forefathers had hunting guns in their homes anyways and they still lived peacefully, it’s a genetic thing.

There is this overused Gandhi quote; “be the change you want”, and that is all we need in Nigeria. We wanted safer water supply, so we dug our own boreholes, we wanted good light, so we buy our own generators, so when you want security, you buy your own guns.

The judgement of this court? “We need more guns!”

Ibrahim Maryam is a 300-level student at the University of Ilorin. She enjoys writing and photography. 

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