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The harvest is plenty but labourers are few

The harvest is plenty but labourers are few

By: Olamide Francis

“But Nigeria said, Mr Bubu, we have been toiling since we gained independence, and have achieved nothing with our Democracy. Yet at your word, I will vote for you. And when they voted Bubu in, the country experienced massive economic growth and development. So Nigeria had to signal to other African countries by opening her borders so that they too can partake of the ease Bubu’s administration has brought upon Nigerians. If they don’t, Nigeria might suffer from over-development”
— Hailers 20 v 15-19

The prophesy in our opening text is already happening. Nigeria is currently suffering from over-development. If we were not, Bubu would not announce a Visa on Arrival policy for all African nations into Nigeria. Who does that, except nations that want others to benefit from the goodies their citizens are enjoying.

Wailers have said this policy isn’t good. What’s not good about it? Nigerians can be selfish sha. There’s love in sharing nah. Wailers want to be enjoying all the improved health care system, motorable roads, economic growth, sound education, and all the benefits of good governance alone. Ahn ahn! Bubu, a man of wisdom and integrity, had to invite other African nations to share in our national prosperity through his immigration policy.

The Nigerian harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few.

We have more than we need, it’s okay to invite friends to a party. Aren’t we already belle-full? We’re now finding bekun-bekun. Some four years ago, China reduced the price of steel in the global market. It affected the sale of other steel producing nations. Their minister for finance later explained that there was a need to do that because they produced in excess. Nigeria must have something in excess that we don’t know about.

There are too many resources in Nigeria, so, we have to open our borders for our African brothers to see the kind of enjoyment Bubu has brought. Over-enjoyment deh worry us sef.

Well, only a masochist will want to visit Nigeria in its current state.

But then again, since we’ve technically defeated insurgency and insecurity, we don’t need to panic about insecurity — it’s okay to grant people free access into our lands. Nigeria has various intelligence agencies that can track the movements of foreigners round the clock around the country — or is this the systematic gathering of voters from Niger, Chad, Cameroon and co. against the 2023 elections?

Enlightened nations don’t throw their doors open this way. This cannot be the resolution of the African free trade agreement. Let’s wait till others like Rwanda fling their door open first… if Kagame will be so wise to do so. I know for sure that we’re sitting on gunpowder.

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