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#SexForMark: Blame devil, not the lecturer

#SexForMark: Blame devil, not the lecturer

Mariam Hamzat

It has come to my notice that various social media pages are on fire and #Sexforgrade is trending. But in the middle of all of these, why don’t we calm down to consider certain truths which people are not talking about? I’m sure that some of my brothers are already arguing my facts in the Cold Room with guilder bottles and students by their sides.

First, Kiki Mordi did a good job of the investigation; but I wonder why she didn’t let us see the faces of the ladies she sent to those lecturers. Confam set up with beautiful babes, that is what it is!

How can you expect a fully grown man with blood running through his vein to see a beautiful underage and not fall, even though he has a wife at home? Hen, the man has testosterone now. It is not his fault. A truth that remains unshaken is that those girls were beautiful, the compliments affirmed that. Let’s try again with ugly girls, maybe they won’t fall this time.  

Again, why would you need help with admission if not that you want something else? Abi when did a lecturer become admission officer? The departments are entirely different from the other; but those ladies’ visits had something to concoct. It means they were ready to do anything for what they want. Who are the lecturers to be blamed when students have been known to offer themselves? 

In this life hen, you need experience, because it is the best teacher. That cold room experience was just part of what she needed to learn. Eventually, she will have a boyfriend on campus and will be good to go. That one with boyfriend who is getting an older man offering to be her side man yen, she simply needs more experience for future purpose.

Now, to those ladies who wore mask. One thing you should know is that if people want to bring you down, they will go to any length. How are we sure that they are not students who want to destroy the seducer’s (I mean lecturer’s) ministry because they failed a course or two?

By the way, the incidence could have happened when the men of men (sorry, men with untamed goads) were high on libido. It happens. God forbid that the ladies were really harassed. Let them take their masks off, if they are sure.

Finally, maybe those lecturers might have made fatal mistakes in the video. Let’s do it all over, they’ll pass. Or better, let the world forgive them and forget the issue, like Nigerians have been known to do. Let’s move to the next topic.  We’ll pray that they do not “fall into temptation” again while the authorities are handling it and conducting their own investigation.

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