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On rape in Nigeria: Hot takes from the wisest among men

On rape in Nigeria: Hot takes from the wisest among men

I don’t know why men are so intelligent, I could almost question nature on the subject. Why apportioning so much intellect to the male gender? It’s really unfair on the female gender, how could one side of the rope get the biggest slice of the bread? Could it be that God is a male or – well, since Jesus was a man and they say he was the reflection of God… case settled.

When men talk about some societal issues, you just have to take a pause and marvel on the wonderful work of God. Such brain and level of accuracy, men never fail to hit the bull’s eye with their takes.

A lady called Uwa was raped and killed while reading inside a church. She was clubbed like an animal, battered around her face and body and her skull was almost cracked open. She struggled to stay alive for three days after the events, but she couldn’t hold off the pain. She gave in to the trauma, the physical and emotional pain, and finally breathed her last. Her father said she couldn’t sleep and neither could she open her eyes and, anytime she tried to, it was always tears that’d drop.

Well, that is that on that now, before you start a pity party. Before you aww and curse out the rapist, before you even do anything, take a minute and listen to what the wisest among men have to say on the matter. I bet you’d not be able to help yourself but to stan their level of cognition.

“Oh! She went to read in the church? When did church become a library? Why would you carry yourself to go and read in a church, you don’t read in the church… you pray and worship in the church. Church is where you go to seek refuge from God. There is something fishy there, don’t you think? Left your home for church just to go and read… Nah! We are not buying this, there is definitely more than meets the eyes.”

“God knows what she was wearing, don’t be deceived, have you seen what those girls wear to church on Sunday? Oh my Gog! We should not let sympathy cloud our judgment and stop asking the right questions. We should ask of what she was wearing, was it skimpy? Did it open her cleavage? Was her laps showing? Was the dress inviting? When we have answers to these questions, we can now have a direction to stir this matter. It is really hard to be a man these days, everywhere you turn, it is indecent dressing. If you look right, it’s bare breast winking at you to come and touch. If you look left, it’s yansh trying to set you up. It’s really hard to be a man.”

“Boys are also getting raped, why are we acting as if we don’t know? Don’t let us make a fuss. Men are very vulnerable to sexual abuse and nobody seems to be having that conversation. When are we going to start protecting the male child? Why do we leave them to the wickedness of women who always want to have a fill of our innocent young boy’s penis, impregnate them, give them diseases and ruin their lives forever? Women who take turns on our boys, beat them, woman-handle them – leaving behind physical scars, emotional scars or lifeless bodies. No, It’s not men who rape men, men can’t rape men, men don’t rape men. It is women with thick muscles, broad chest, heavy and scary mustache and perverted appetite for sex that rape our boys. Who will stop those women? Who?”

“Our boys can’t walk through the assembly of women without their legs trembling – wishing the ground to crack open and swallow them, without the fear of getting abused. Our boys can’t enter a cab or bus full of women without the fear of getting groped or gang raped. Our boys can’t even go to school without their female lecturers coarsing and blackmailing them into having sex, At night, our boys can’t walk alone on the street without getting verbally or physically abused. In work places, women keep abusing our boys – threatening to take their jobs if they don’t give in sex, touching their breast and bum. Our boys can’t be left alone with their mothers or aunties, grandmas or any elderly women.”

Sincerely, it was more than this but permit me to stop here. I don’t have the mental prowess to understand some of the takes. Your IQ level should be on 500, your operating system must be core-i90, and you must be running on a 5G network to decode them all.

So tell me, aren’t men just so wonderfully intelligent. It is really hard to comprehend how the female gender can’t see how the other gender is scared of them. They are tired, men are human and women should respect that. They should stop raping men and let men be.

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Dara Olaniyan.
Dara Olaniyan.
4 years ago

When sarcasm is not based on an intelligent take, it becomes distasteful. Such is the case of this work. A complete waste of time.

4 years ago

Please rethink and rewrite, thanks

HanCho Lee
HanCho Lee
4 years ago

Really great article. I love the fact that you released the cum from other views in order to squirt out the truth.

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