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Press Release: This sham of elections cannot stand!

Press Release: This sham of elections cannot stand!

By: Ridhwan Abdullahi Adetutu (éclat)

Dear Compatriots,

Relying on the sham of results so far released by the INÊC, we have cause to unequivocally state that the mandate freely and willingly given to our candidate, BABAYELE REWOSO of AAC at the polls on Saturday 25th February 2023 has been stolen.

What we have seen so far, to say the least, is not a fair reflection of our popularity strength and the wide spread acceptability we enjoyed pre-election and during elections periods. We know our worth on the ballot, we know our popularity strength hence we cannot accept what INÊC, in connivance with the media —mainstream and social media alike—is giving us. It’s a factoid, a sham that must not be allowed to gain traction. We are much more than that!

On several occasions, our candidate had been projected the winner of this presidential poll by many independent and reputable organisations, and most of these forensic projections were rightly correlated with our glaring popularity and acceptability strength amongst all and sundry, and across the length and breadth of our dear country.

In the build up of the elections, and as part of electioneering processes which are strictly backed by the relevant electoral laws, our candidate had traversed the length and breadth of this country, and he had done due diligence in selling his programmes to even the common man on the streets, and having resonated well with his plans for greater Nigeria, in return on Saturday, well meaning Nigerians in their large number thronged out to give him the historic mandate. It is therefore shocking to see this goodwill being truncated by the establishment forces.

Putting all of these in perspective, we have strong reasons to believe that these elections have been larged tampered with, and tactically compromised beyond measure. Therefore, the situation has left us with no option other than to explore judicial system for a legal redress. The people’s stolen mandate must be redeemed!

We have decided to proceed to the competent court of law to challenge these glaring electoral aberration and daylight robbery of the people’s mandate.

We thereby call on the general public, particularly our esteemed supporters across the length and breadth of Nigeria, to be battled ready. We have battle to fight —legal battle. The mandate the good people of Nigeria willingly gave to Babayele Rewoso has been stolen, and therefore we must stand up for justice.




Chief Press Release Secretary,

Africa Activist Congress

Caveat: the above statement is a sham meant to elicit amusement

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