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Our pupils shall never go barefooted

Our pupils shall never go barefooted

By: Aniebiet Effiong

I bring to you another good news! I’ve been so happy and glad since morning because of the news I received. This kind of news can give one orgasm. Trust me. You know how it feels when you finally come out to disgrace your scoffers with your action. Remember how people used to ridicule our government (be it state or federal) for ignoring or paying little attention to the education sector. Remember how they spent sleepless nights accusing Nigerian politicians of sending their kids and wards to schools abroad. These were all lies, I swear. You can’t be mocked forever.

Remember the news of a certain state government that distributed school sandals and uniforms worth twenty something million naira to pupils of primary schools? Maybe I’m late to hearing this but it doesn’t matter. I am fascinated by the pictures of those pupils. I see gratitude and excitement on the faces of these kids. It’s what their parents couldn’t offer.

In a bid to further express my euphoria on this, I shall highlight few impacts of the distributed sandals and maybe of the uniforms too.

These beautiful sandals, as you’ve seen on the photo, shall make the children learn fast. Sandals like this will enhance easy digestion of things taught by the teacher.

Punctuality. The speedometer installed in the sandals is second to none. It shall aid their speed to school.

Without these uniforms, those kids would be going to school naked. 

The size and quality of the sandals. The government saw that distributing big-sized sandals (oversized) to those kids was a wise decision. So it could last them for about four to five years. No future expenses on what to wear to school.

On behalf of those kids, I say a big thank you! Our pupils shall never go barefooted. Amen!

Asides being Aniebiet Effiong, loving Poetry, Pepsi, Adaugo, Afang soup, and watching Messi, sometimes all I need is a good satire to keep me going. Social media handles: Facebook — Aniebiet Effiong; Twitter — @aniebieteffion8; WhatsApp — 08024032005

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