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Old things shall pass away…

Old things shall pass away…

By: Ibraheem Abdullateef

Kwara’s new Lord and Saviour, General AbdulRahman AbdulRazak (the conqueror of Bukola and PDP), has announced a change of emblem for the state. You may not need to ask for reasons because no single logical one was given. The governor merely wished and the proclamation was made. Thou shall not grumble when the Lord Speaketh.

The Super Governor must be an avid reader of the Holy book. By his recent conducts, I feel he has a big knowledge of the Bible as he has all the while exhibited the traits of a perfect godly Nigerian governor.

The flash of brilliance is inherent. The uncanny ability to pop up at unimagined places, the perfect will to be seen working ( most Kwarans has a gallery for him now), the advancement of Operation-No-Potholes and clear penchant for tourism clearly sets him apart from the last governor within the first three months of their tenure. Asides that, no long-lasting achievement has been recorded. We might need to revisit achievement and accomplishment for proper understanding. However, we cannot deny him tributes for revolutionising Kwara politics. The gentle giant struts his stuff subtly, subtly.

Our Governor has been committed to one particular Biblical teaching; “Old things shall pass away”. The way and manner by which he’s repositioning it is worthy of example. From pure ingenious plan of not assembling a cabinet for good three months to bunking of Sallah celebrations with his people for other engagement most likely away from Nigeria and now, the swift changing of the state emblem with no explanations whatsoever, one’s bound to agree that Kwara’s on a new political wave and old things have passed away.

If you have little problems believing, kindly look into the faulty processes (read shrewd political robbery)  culminating into the suspension of the Council Chairmen. You will see it was the action expected of a godly governor. They were frauds, embezzling state treasury. Especially, the Stubborn four. If you were surprised they were invited for questioning after suspension which they should have done before passing that subtle judgment kindly take a bow and go. 

The other 12 have found their way home. May Father forgive their sins. The investigations may exonerate them or even forget them outrightly. Repenting Council chairmen can take a bow. Governance is turn-by-turn. Thou shall not argue with a drunken man wielding a gun. Old things must pass away.

The state’s better run like a business empire. Maybe renaming would do. For leaping productivity. The revolutionising Governor AbdulRahman might have forgotten to reach out to the House. He can visit the dam in the morn, hydro- plants in the noon and see some patients in the hospitals in the evening offering words of encouragement. The documents needing attention on his seats can sleep. The Deputy Governor could attend to them if he’s not attending a party member’s function. 

More so, Kwara people need courage to survive not intervention on health or policy on education which the governor is most capable of giving as a talker of repute. The photos and the press statements tell the stories better – the governor with no respite, nor slumber, the people’s love prevails. Also, the intelligent one. The cabinet might not be needed, they discuss policies ( and we really do not have one or many) and we might just be running the government on principle. The old things have passed away.

A man’s face may woo the minds but only a good name enlivens the soul. May my state beget a new name. Her face was never ugly. She was indeed molested by the last husband who lacks empathy and care. But he gave her a good face through a distinct logo which tells the story of the beauty she embedded.  The unification of our heritage and culture in an ingenious logo without ditching the proper steps before the announcement would never be forgotten a gift. Maybe a gift becomes truly special when others envy it for no reason.

 But it might not be surprising if it had to make way regardless of its uniqueness and brilliance, for the adoption of an old, ubiquitous national Coat of Arm after all Kwara has a new governor. Therefore, old things shall pass away.

The cost implications notwithstanding, there are little other ways for my governor, our governor, to immortalise himself since ascension. The logo move is one big way to stay unforgotten for a long while till another event overtakes. Or maybe a government.

 Something is certain, the inexistent funds might become available now that our Governor desires a new face for the state. When you think of printing and branding and all sort of changes needed for the new emblem you might want to call on God. But do you query God for making you in his image? May Kwara god remain unquestioned. The servants are pleased. What’s the economic drive? Will agriculture improve by mouthing diversification? Does education become quality through body language? Only the opposition elements will ask, though.

Who dared say there was some vendetta? How they came about such rumour needs to be queried. The recent disbandment of commissions: Kwara State Civil Service, Kwara State Electoral Commission and Kwara State House of Assembly Commission headed by the supposed men of the predecessor (supporters, as we say in Nigerian politics, of previous administration/opposition don’t deserve a space on the table regardless of their brilliance) were taken in good faith. 

They have proven to be “misfit for their offices”. Even when there’s no single evidence to back up that claim. And they were never issued a query talk less of been served sack letters. Why take such pain anyways, when they can see the news online. That’s best administrative practice. There’s always a willing House of Assembly ready to deliberate the godlike and godly governor’s request in matters of hours while FOI bill is gathering dust in one dirty House’s desk. It’s no vendetta but setting the record straight. Defeat is not enough. The defeated must be buried. Setting policy and driving the agenda may come second.

Nigerian governor may be everything from brilliant to rich, exposed and connected to be elected but he must be dirty, insincere and sneaky to retain his seat. Mayhap my governor learns so fast. Credits to his Bible study knowledge. To become a powerful (not much for success I think) Kwara governor, old things must pass away.

But I wish he never learned so.

Ibraheem Abdullateef writes from Kwara State University, Malete.

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