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COVID-19: Nigerians’ refusal to say please, the genesis of Buhari’s silence

COVID-19: Nigerians’ refusal to say please, the genesis of Buhari’s silence

By: Maryam Olajide

Nigerians are rude, in addition to being the most uncultured set of people God ever created. And this is reflected in the way they interact with, speak to, and address people in higher authorities. How dare they not have respect for the Parosidency? Where in the world do they see other citizens telling the government what to do during a pandemic?

Well, this could be traced to their right (sorry, privilege) to  “freedom of speech”. The existence of social media is a menace that needs to be curbed. It is one of the major mediums through which they get to flaunt this privilege. Not their fault. If the Social Media Bill had been enacted and they get jailed or punished randomly for expressing views contrary to the government, they would have learnt to conform.


The Parosident has refused to speak, unlike his counterparts in many other countries battling the virus because he hates Showoff and cheap politics. If not, what’s the big deal in setting up a press conference and having him read a prepared address to Nigerians? Even if the speech gets mixed up and does not really relate to the issue at hand. It’s not like Nigerians have choices. They can only shout and talk, nothing more.

In fact, Nigerians do not deserve to hear his voice. It’s their punishment for trying to revolt against his administration and most of his policies. Besides, he has left them in good hands. They have the NCDC and their respective state governors. He also made a few announcements on Twitter, directing them on what steps to take or avoid. What more could they possibly need?

Although the Parosident knows an address on this issue is part of basic leadership, to show empathy, give a sense of belonging to all Nigerians, but he likely won’t give it because he still hasn’t forgiven them for their disrespect. The recent gist is that he is the only one successfully self-isolating. People claim he is self-isolating from Nigerians and his responsibilities.

Well, initially, I did not want to give out this hint, but as a generous person, I’m going to spill it out. Has anyone not told Nigerians the importance of pleading? How difficult is it for them to say, “Please sir, come and comfort us with your eloquent presidential speech,” so the Parosident can address them, but no. Nigerians are a bunch of rude people who try to imitate those in developed countries, seeking accountability and enforcement of laws. For clarification, they are not your mates, they have specific traits that make them special. You all are Nigerians, always act like one!

In short, the Parosident’s refusal to address Nigerians is as a result of huge irresponsibility and pride on their part. It takes no effort to organise rallies or use freedom of speech privileges through their social media accounts to say “please”. The pandemic is totally altering their lives, schools are being shut down, most people are now required to work from home, some airport taxi operators have totally lost their means of livelihood and it’s affecting the economy generally, how then can they still insist to not say “please”?

While new cases of coronavirus were confirmed today, bringing the total number to 23 as follows: Lagos 16, Abuja 3, Ekiti 1, Ogun 2, Oyo 1, the parosidency does not want to say Nigerians are just getting started. They either have to collectively say “please” or save themselves.

Note: This piece was written before Buhari’s Sunday speech on the strange “Covik-1-9”.

Maryam Olajide is a Writer, Editor, Law Student and lover of all forms of art. She is passionate about volunteering to change societal causes. She can be reached on Instagram @_maryamm.o and Twitter @maryam_olajide.

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Ogunbowale Fehintoluwa
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