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My state is God’s dwelling place

My state is God’s dwelling place

By: Aniebiet Effiong

One may ask why I do not write satires about Akwa Ibom state. You may wonder if my avoidance to do so is for my safety. It’s simple. I don’t do so because Akwa Ibom is a perfect state. Perfect in all ways. This statement is not to paint Buhari and his administration as imperfect.

After walking through several streets in Uyo (especially places like Urua Ekpa, Udoette, etc.), I ask myself why a sane man should in his best sense criticize Udom Emmanuel. I consider people who ridicule the affairs of Akwa Ibom and its present administration as ignorant of how unlawful and heinous it is to criticize a religious government.

I am a core son of Akwa Ibom state and everything about my state is attached to God’s name. This is where faith resides. That same God is here and he has chosen to use Udom Emmanuel for our good. Some people only read the letters of the Bible with no sense of pragmatism. Was is not our Governor whom, through the leading of the spirit, gave our Fathers of Faith 50 million naira for breakfast? Even the Bible blesses a man who sows into the life of a man of God.

I see pictures of structural developments everywhere. Evidence of the Government’s resilience about the growth of the state is becoming more glaring by the day. Shame to those who act blind. Blessed are those who praise without seeing or feeling whether it is there or not. The fast growth of the state is solely dependent on the strict adherence to good morals by our leaders. You can’t lead as a Deacon and the people wallow in sin and destitution.

It is better to be ranked second as state with highest number of school dropouts than have no infrastructural development. Build a twenty one storey building and let the children leave schools. After all, what would their going to school bring to the state? Would it bring the Vice President to the state for a flyover commission? Would their going to school even bring him again to commission some temporary roads and buildings? Like, how would one dare compare the future of those dropout children to the praises the state receives from the lips of the Vice President on the constructions he has seen and commissioned.

I am not writing this to proof or bring to your notice all the Governor of Akwa Ibom state has done. If it interests you to know, make a move to plaza or waterfall at Nwaniba road. Everything is displayed, both in pictures and visuals.

Lastly, if you’re hungry, keep the hunger to yourself and stop disturbing His Excellency as he is going around distributing peace to all the local government areas. This is not a regime of money spreading. You had better die of hunger than let our money go to waste.

Asides being Aniebiet Effiong, loving Poetry, Pepsi, Adaugo, Afang soup, and watching Messi, sometimes all I need is a good satire to keep me going. Social media handles: Facebook — Aniebiet Effiong; Twitter — @aniebieteffion8; WhatsApp — 08024032005.

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