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Men of gawd

Men of gawd

By: Ayankola Ahmed

Shaykh Life is Vanity don buy Lexus

Now, na Ferrari and Bugatti e dey pray for

Though road rough 

Him children get plenty car

Pastor Don’t Visit the Hospital is in India for treatment

His wife, a patient with hypertension, doesn’t seem to need his miracles

In fact, his children work in the health sector

They don’t need to follow what they preach

Àwọn kẹẹ?

Touch not my anointed is what their followers argue

Therefore, they are perfect

We, on the other hand, they say, are hopeless sinners

And whatever wrong they commit

Merely seems wrong to those of us who have something against them

Well, what do I know?

Make I just sit down dey look

Wàhálà mii ti pọju

Gbogbo ẹ ni mi o gbọ ye sha

Ayankola Ahmed is a student of the ‘better-by-far’ University of Ilorin. He is a satirist and can be contacted via  ayankolaahmed@yahoo.com.

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