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Kogi elections: Was democracy raped?

Kogi elections: Was democracy raped?

By: Olamide Francis

A round of applause for INEC, security operatives, and Kogites. They all worked together to ensure we had one of the most peaceful, non-violent, free and fair elections in any state in Nigeria. What more could we describe as peaceful when the electorate cast their votes with ultimate reverence instilled by guns, thugs, and bullets? Who born you not to coordinate yourself under duress?

Our electoral reform must be tougher than rocket science. Election results no longer reflect the will of the people, except the will of the oppressors and dictators who seek to impose themselves on the people like a rapist on a voluptuous damsel. Actually, they are all rapists. Or what do we call them? Maybe “accidental public servants” is the right word. They politically rape the people, plunder on their resources and cart away valuables when their 8 years is complete.

Because the Presidency holds the lives of the citizens in high esteem, they have to, first of all, congratulate whoever wins in Kogi, applaud INEC for a job well done and shower encomium on security operatives before they — if they will — count the number of lost lives, rough-handled citizens, injured voters, and traumatised individuals. Meanwhile, it is an offence to mentally or physically endanger any kind of animal in the UK. Is an animal in the UK now worth more than a Nigerian? Well, your heart can only be where your treasure is. If they had invested so much in the citizens, they’ll place so much value on them. Every Nigerian is only valuable every election year.

The handwriting is already on the wall. We must prepare for the 2023 elections else we will see another Kogi elections — but on a broader scale.

The next level broom seeks to sweep everywhere including where it clearly isn’t popular. This has been the trademark of every election that has taken place under their watch. Maybe peace means another thing in their dictionary. Peace is enforcing the broom on people. Peace is deploying federal power to forcefully win elections. Peace is using peaceful thugs to romance ballot boxes when the tides aren’t in their favour. It’s looking very much like the relationship they have with nonviolent elections has long ended.

We have told bootlickers on their sides, but they still argue with us despite the fact that their lord and personal saviour is owing them nine months salary and they cannot afford a good education for their children. They still remain loyal.

In the midst of all these, my thoughts are with Kogites. Kogites whose opportunity to get down from the bus of yahaya, sorry, yeye governance into another of their dream might have been sabotaged. Well, Kogites should have forgiven him. Or didn’t he apologise and even rented beggars from Abuja and Kaduna to join him? E fi sile, omode lo nsee, they said. No controversy, they really enjoyed the broom these past years. It has thoroughly swept all that true accountability, democracy, and governance should bring. No matter their intentions, struggles and desires; the broom was there to wipe it off. I wish Kogites get what they truly desire.

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