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Keys to the Secret of a Successful Nigerian Entrepreneur CEO

Keys to the Secret of a Successful Nigerian Entrepreneur CEO

by: Jimoh Aishat Omotolani

With the situation of things in Nigeria, you do not need an eyewear to see that tins tuff. Getting by is no beans for average Naija youth, so everyone is into one business or another. For people of my generation, we call them ‘online vendor’, ‘CEO’. And, for every other youth like me with a Nigerian’s survival instinct, we refer to it as ‘side hustle’ (e go pay o!). So here are few tips to make your ‘hustle’ pay and make mama proud.


As a Nigerian vendor, you are aware of how some customers can be so inquisitive and all. So, once you are frustrated, there is no need to filter. The business is yours so run it as you deem it fit. Boss, anyone that asks for pictures of items for too long, don’t send o! That is a surah of a stingy customer and their type do not end up buying a single item LOL. With the level of heat in this country, no customer should be frustrating your life. They should go elsewhere. Your own customer will come now, abi what? 

Tip 2 – REVIEWS:

My dear, why exactly should you act on what someone feels about the service you rendered? That Miss Titi of First Bank lacks manner. When next she gives bad feedbacks, ensure you give her a good ‘lecture’ and recommend for her a good doctor to treat her tongue (something is definitely going on with her taste buds). Or is Nafiu from Tipper garage not human? He had ordered severally without complaints and such is the review you should post so more customers can come in. Who is Miss Titi? If you broke, na her business? Please, don’t let anybody pour sand in your garri biko.


Apart from that your Facebook, I do not suggest using any other platforms. To be honest, WhatsApp is just useful for class group messages or maybe sometimes, posting peng pictures/videos and ‘vc anyone’? So, the honest advice is, use Instagram to boost your sales. Don’t be mistaken, it is not just for the glamour and all, people make massive sales! CEO, welcome us with ‘NO SCAM ZONE’ in your profile. You might want to add the ‘no’ signal too. This will build the trust and confidence needed in you and your business. Also add ‘NO REFUND’ o!  Why would a person order, return and still demand refund? Abeg abeg, let them know that once they buy something from you, even if it’s not to their liking, they should drink water on top. 

Tip 4 – PRICE:

Dear reader, you would agree with me that the purpose of every businessman is to make profits and maximize same. So this right here is a hack, worked for centuries, if you ask me (chuckles). Fix your price according to the customers. Omo, this country is tough as it is, I see no reason why you should sell the same leather jacket you sold to Balqees for 8k to Keesmuah for the same price. I mean, judging by Keesmuah’s Instagram posts, she must be loaded and obviously would get it for 30k without bargaining. It’s a lifetime opportunity, darling. Do your thing! She no kuku sabi you na abi? Hian!


I see no reason why you should draw curtains. I mean, if you make your customer your best friend, there is nothing wrong with it. To be honest, such customer would be thrilled to know how good your partner treats you. Create no boundaries. It builds trust.


If you see someone who sells the same item as you do, be sure never to cross paths with the person, it is a very dangerous move! Urghh! I mean…why? Please, if you sell clothes, make sure you build a community of painters as your network. It will make your brand grow, get better, and this is backed with proof.


It is one thing to go through the stress of getting orders, it is another wahala to deliver o. Dear vendor, in addition to Bubu, don’t allow any customer stress your life. Deliver only as your mood commands.


Only big companies run ads, and ads on TVs are the best. That Tayo’s TC with 5k viewers is just a waste of money. Wait till you are big.


With the way this country is, is  the government consistent? So why must you? I am just saying, things might take a toll on your health. With all the rogbodiyan in this country, you should at least try and rest seven days a week and think of japa plans only. It is therapeutic, dear CEO.


Giveaways are done by rich people and no one should expect same from you. Give freebies from the little profit you earn? No! That’s crazy! You are not Don Jazzy and nobody should expect any free things from you. You are not Darosa.

That said, if you have it at the back of your mind that customers are always right this millennia, unlearn it! Not in this century, my dear.

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2 years ago

I read from the beginning to the end and I enjoyed every bit of it🥰 then for the lessons learnt 🤭❤️ Thanks for this beautiful write up💗

2 years ago

Every bit of this content was worth my time and data. Thanks for the heads up

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