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‘I love my country I no go lie’

‘I love my country I no go lie’

By: SHUTTI, Ridwanullah Olaitan

I love my country, I no go lie;

Na inside am I go live and die.

— So sang a great son of the soil.

A country blessed and filled with milk and honey, a paradise for its citizens, a resort for those in need of luxury, and the greatest country in the world, with no sense of doubt. Well-meaning individuals from all walks of life, who are desirous of living a comfortable life, all seek to make my country their place of abode.

Right from inception, Nigeria has been blessed with great leaders at the helms of affairs who are skilled in the art of governance. Men who have the interest of the masses at heart, and who have the zeal to serve humanity. These leaders, in a bid to perform their constitutional duties, always make sure to fulfill their campaign promises.

Take a good look at our roads for instance. They are all constructed by the best engineers the world can offer. So durable are those roads that within the early years of their construction, maps of various countries of the world begin to miraculously appear on them. A few weeks back, in an attempt to further improve the standards of living of the citizens of a particular community, a politician donated ultramodern and state-of-the-art ropes to goat farmers in that locale. God bless our leaders!

Our power supply is top-notch. Step into any city of my country at night, and you’ll agree with me that Nigeria can be likened to the biblical Garden of Eden.

The crux of all periods in my country is perhaps the time for election. Citizens, out of their patriotism, troop out en masse to vote in candidates of their choices. They’ll form queues and wait peacefully and patiently for their turn to exercise their franchise; in peaceful and conducive atmospheres.

Appointments into public posts are strictly based on merit. Competent and skilled individuals can be sure to get any job of their choice as the only obstacle between them and those jobs are their applications.

Admissions into universities too are also based on merits. Rejoice once you are “armed” with your “straight-As” school certificate and high scores in all other entrance exams. For your worries shall be replaced with smile as soon as the admission lists are out. You need not know anybody at the admission office, nor grease anybody’s palms, before your ambitions manifests.

Students of universities in my country dey enjoy pass. Their schools have big, airy, spacious and well-ventilated classrooms. Their libraries are filled and well-equipped with textbooks, journals, and other relevant academic materials. They have competent lecturers who are dedicated to making the best out of those students in their care. Generally, students study under conducive and comfortable environments. The zeal for education among the youth in my country is fuelled by the fact that “ready-made” jobs await them on the completion of their studies. Just walk up to any firm with your uncommon credentials and rest assured that you will be gainfully employed. 

Perhaps, the best thing that has ever happened to my country is its law enforcement agents. Nigeria has the lowest crime rate in the world due to the efforts of these law enforcement agents. If you’re wronged, you’ll be sure to get justice, whether you’re rich and born with a silver-spoon or you live from “hand-to-mouth”. Weeks back, some ladies were allegedly raped and murdered; and within a few days of the commission of those crimes, the perpetrators were arrested and brought to book. Kudos to our law enforcement agents for they are really trying! Their rewards are not only in heaven, but on earth as well.

Clearly, my country is the greatest in the world and it is not surprising that leaders all over the world are working tirelessly to model their countries after it.

I love my country, I no go lie;

Na inside am I go live and die.

SHUTTI, Ridwanullah Olaitan is a 300 level student of law at the ‘Better by Far’ University. He has interests in law, journalism and creative writing. He can be reached on the bird-app via @ajani_shutti.

Feature image from: Adventures of Turtle Taido (animated cartoon series)

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3 years ago

nice one gee
The second run its needs a Lil bit of scars thou

3 years ago

I should laugh at my country’s misery but my tears have been tendered by our blessed leaders. May God bless them as they’ve blessed us.

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