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How to survive the university as a Nigerian female student

by: Maimuna Sanni

Nigeria is one country with deplorable economic, social and political arrangements. Habitation in the Nigerian society is like that of the wild; survival of the fittest.

It is no gain to say that Nigerian varsities are one of the breeding-ground of vices, and survival at these campuses is so rogue and tough. Some wouldn’t know or even believe all these, looking at the outer space of these campuses, beautiful and glamorous as they appear until such person gets admitted into them.

Surviving the university as a female student is something most students battle with, a plight I relate so much to as a female student myself. Surviving the university is a painstaking journey, being a place occupied by both hoodlums and refined lecturers mostly doctors and professors, a highly standardized code of conducts, rigid dress codes and other reserved attributes.

Being a student at the university had made me figured out some essential tips to serve as guide in surviving the university and because of the kindness of my heart, I would share. Thank me not. Hear the truth, and set yourself free.

  1. Socialize with the males

The easiest way to balance up your academic with less stress is through socializing. It is very necessary to make a lot of friends, both with the opposite gender and especially, your male lecturers. This way, you wouldn’t be stressed much about attending classes, besides those classes are overrated, as long as you know your ways around them. You’ll have no worries about assignments or reading for exams as you could easily bribe them with food or anything else, and your grade is certain. Chill with your lecturer in his office, bam-bam with your fellow coursemates and you wouldn’t need to run kiti-kiti or run kata-kata before you have the best results. Besides, your level of education doesn’t guarantee or secure your future, as long as you have what we call “connection,” and the only way to get that needed connection is by socializing, so why worry?

2. Dress to impress:

They say “the way you dress is the way you are addressed.” Don’t you want to be addressed as the most beautiful and sexiest girl on campus? Well, as a female who wants to survive the university, you shouldn’t be found in boring attires or cover-up dresses. God has blessed you, and you should be kind to bless your viewers too! Shedi balabala in your ashawo dresses, and if you don’t have, it’s not a crime to borrow from friends or roommates as long as you look good – it’s all packaging. As a lady, the goal is not to be stared at only once. Put on harsh perfumes and let your shoes do the talking. All eyes should be on you when you walk into class and trust me, you go girl!

3. Live, only to the fullest:

I know that as a female, there are so many rules both the school and your parents must have set down for you, but little do you know that those rules are only to restrict you from enjoying your life. Darling, don’t you want to burn out all the stress school has been using to eat you all up? If you would like to, then do whatever makes you happy – attend that party, go clubbing and get as high as you can. Because, in the end, they say “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.” 

4.Don’t hesitate to fight back:

It is normal to see people to get on your nerves as a lady, especially in a Nigerian university. Don’t be scared to put people in their place. Bully people that come your way; after all, survival of the fittest is the code we all live by, and you are only trying to survive too. Well, the worse that can happen is an expulsion, an automatic graduation without certificate, but guess what? We meeeuve.

These rules, if followed completely, would make survival on campus easy for you as a Nigerian female student and create room for opportunities that’ll make you successful in the future. So, ball unto forever, omo ope.

Feature image credit: Adebimpe Adebambo

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1 year ago

? Is this writing supposed to be satirical or what?

1 year ago

Is this supposed to be advice or the predicament obtainable in our universities.

1 year ago

Completely blown away …perfect articulation and sarcasm was top notch…your writing skills are dope…weldon

Adeyeye Idowu Ridwanullahi
Adeyeye Idowu Ridwanullahi
1 year ago

It’s a bit funny, buh well said. Keep it up

1 year ago

Never ever ?

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