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How to make policies in Nigeria

How to make policies in Nigeria

By: Waliu Adeyeri

Are you a Policy Maker or a Minister? Or are you preparing to be one? There is something important you need to know. I call it the “Test and Error Policy-Making Theory.”

You need to know that the policy you make for the masses is like a scientific innovation, you have to test run it like a mechanical engineer does to a just-repaired car. 

Don’t forget you must test it to stir the general public, though their reactions have no effect on you. Your purpose is to join in the theatrics happening in the country, your office should not be left out in the show of such humorous Democrazy.

This is how you do it!

Start the process with your fellow policy makers in the ministry. You have to be crafty and be proactive to stand your opinion here, the meeting is where you prove your expertise in decision-making for the masses. Remember, what Elnathan John taught about lateness to meeting, don’t forget that; it’s a necessity.

At the meeting you prepare quite a number of plans that fall in the categories of demo-policy and policy. You can name the plans after the alphabets of the English language. “Plan A, B, C…”

At the end of the meeting, publish the outcome. I mean the demo-policy, the reporters are waiting to serve the public your new product with mesmerising favourable or unfavourable headlines depending on the name of the media house. As expected, the people will react to your demo-policy.

Now that your demo-plan is eliciting reactions as expected. Just take your time; 24 hours or more. The rejoinder; the skits, music or satirical commentary would be released shortly.

When released, then you have made a name, you have contributed to the entertainment of the masses by waking them to a topic to talk about, dance or to make out a slang. Do ensure that the public announcement is made in your name by another officer.

After the satisfactory result, you can now release the real policy. The masses would be glad their whispers yielded a positive change from your office and you have listening ears. In short, you have the love of the people at heart. This time, you should be the one to make the official announcement.

Don’t forget change is inevitable, you have to be an agent of change, it doesn’t matter if it’s negative; change is change no matter the form it takes. I wish you the best in the discharge of your policy making duty as a senior officer in your ministry or public office. 

Accept my best wishes!

Waliu Adeyeri is a graduate of English from the University of Ilorin, currently serving the Nation in Gusau, Zamfara State. He can be reached through +2348111236196, adeyeri_waliu@yahoo.com

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