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How to get the Kogi COVID-19 app

How to get the Kogi COVID-19 app

By: Olamide Francis

It’s incredible how Nigerians are only interested in tarnishing people’s image. There is no amount of work a public servant puts in that they appreciate. They are only interested in badmouthing their leaders.

A few days ago, Gov. Yahaya Bello told us of his incredible effort and first-of-its-kind approach to ensure the people of Kogi are marked safe from COVID-19. The most interesting thing in that interview with Channels television was the announcement of a software application that will help Kogi people monitor their COVID-19 status by themselves. This is highly commendable.

Nigerians started to speak ill of the Governor with allegations that he was telling lies about the App. Has Mr. Gov. ever told a lie before? Come on, he’s the white lion; he can’t lie. More so, going by how much of his campaign promises he has fulfilled, one should know he is a man of his words.

It is true that the App cannot be found on Google Play Store; that is because it is exclusive to the people of Kogi state. Apps of that kind cannot be easily accessed. The mistake people made was that they didn’t ask how to get the app. Who no like better thing? Well, I found it and I’ll tell you. Wait first.

Because of the shared prosperity in Kogi and how the people’s lives have improved since the Gov. came in, everyone in the state can now afford an android, iPhone, or computer. The level of literacy in Kogi is 105 percent, so, the people are very much compliant with technology. Kogi is in a world of its own. They are already in the future. You know Lagos isn’t so creative to think they should create an app for their citizenry. Kogi is proactive and deeply concerned about their people.

Here’s how to get the App:

Okay. The App is actually on Google Play Store, but it is invincible to people with a clean and pure heart. Are you a mediocre or supporter of falsehood? You’ll see the App. Blessed are the wicked in heart, for they shall find the App. The App works with the mind. Don’t bother searching for it if you consider yourself clean in heart.

More so, since it’s on Play Store, be a little bit playful — crack jokes and be unserious — when you’re searching for it. You’ll notice the smile looming all over the Gov’s face while making the announcement. The App exists in the realm of comedy.

If you follow all these steps and you still can’t find it, I’m afraid it’s because your clownish network isn’t so strong. You’ll have to reach Lokoja where the throne of all manner of political jokes is situated, that you may obtain help to be a clown to your people and the nation as a whole.

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