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How to celebrate Democracy Day

How to celebrate Democracy Day

By: Hamzat Mariam

Whether it is May 29 or June 12, Democracy Day is Democracy Day and you are sure to get a break from workif you are in Nigeria. Even luckily, as a civil servant, you get two days off while some private organisations might have given one. So, if you wish to celebrate Democracy Day in the best style as a Nigerian, you’ve come to the right place!

Democracy day is for every Nigerian, so don’t let anyone deceive you. It is your birthright to enjoy and an opportunity to wallow in your democratic freedom and power whether you are in Nigeria or in the diaspora.

Spend the morning arguing with your neighbours on the current state of Nigeria. God knows this country has a long way to go. Argue the fact that the government is the problem, or you may even say it’s the people who keep electing the wrong leaders (whichever side you choose goes; you are entitled to your opinion).

You can even argue that Nigeria shouldn’t have adopted the democratic form of government since you have unconfirmed facts and figures on past events.

Afterwards, you are free to spend the rest of the day online. Continue broadcasting some historical and political messages forwarded to you and even share on your Facebook timeline. Then, reply the comments under them as soon as they come in.  Join the #democracyday trends on Twitter if there’s any and badmouth Nigeria’s political system or pray or it (whichever you feel is deserved).

As a Nigerian in the diaspora, there are things you could do too. Join the Twitter trends and share your highly polished foreign opinion on the way forward for Nigeria. It is not as if many of the day-to-day problems affect you but still, talk your own. Compare Nigeria’s democracy to some other countries’ and even compare the contrasting levels of development. Tell us why Nigeria is yet to develop and don’t forget to proffer solutions that seem to be eluding everyone else who isn’t as ‘exposed’.

If you hold a position in government like being the President or the Governor, then know that you should give a speech on your hopes, plans, and aspiration for the country. Nigerians are waiting to see your face at a convention, parade, or something. Make sure you show up on TV and say something headline-worthy.

As a cleric, you can also turn democracy day to a crusade. Let your members pray to the God who gave the masses power over enemies. You can have themes such as ‘My Democracy’, ‘Power to Destroy the Enemies’ etc. You can even make it June 12 election-related with themes like ‘Give me My Right’, ‘ I Want My Glory’ …

As an activist, it is up to you to condemn the system of democracy in Nigeria. Use instances of election and every other thing that could get you attention. Democracy grants freedom, use it!

Dear average Nigerian youth who simply wants to join in on conversations, tune down the volume of your Dagrin’s Democracy. Complain and find fault in something while sitting under your parent’s roofs inactive.

Ps: Enjoy Democracy day your own way and don’t let those ‘illiterates’ who have little or no knowledge of past events spoil it for you. They won’t see things your way even if you shove it down their throat. Therefore, avoid social media banters and be the sensible one.

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