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How to be an Ideal Nigerian Young Adult

How to be an Ideal Nigerian Young Adult

by: Kuti Fatiha

Now that ASUU don dey on strike, the “is this how you behave in school?” syndrome would be prevalent in Nigerian homes, especially when some of your ideologies are changing. However, you must protect these traits, as you are now elite, and make your parents see the light. You want your parents to showcase you to their clique as the best young adult ever? You want your siblings to boast about their proud elder in school? Find out which how you get suited for the role of young adulthood.

1. Look at them in the eyes:

Early in the morning, just look at them in the eyes and greet them. It’s not necessary but just do it. You are an adult now, and independent. Show it.

2. Leave the household chores for others

The hall-mark of evolving adulthood is discarding household chores, like doing the dishes. It is below your new grade, and it has to stop. What if you were not given birth to? Na why you have siblings to do the work na. You are no longer the housemaid they think you are. They should suck it up.

3. Go out anytime you want:

You’re in the University already, so why do you need the permission of your parents before going out to have fun with your friends? Jaiyelo and do not be afraid of the safety your parents always whine about. Recklessness is part of adulthood, and we live only once. What best way to live, if not to the fullest?

4. Eye your parent’s visitors:

Since those family members that have turned your house into their free eatery, it is your duty to remind them the courtesy and morals they lack. Your home is not a refugee camp and you do not run an aid group, so there is no reason why they should visit your dwelling in expectations of free food. Eye them in a vicious way, so they realize the implications of their bad habits. Your parents taught you well. Now is the time to pass it on.

5. Don’t bother yourself with your siblings assignments:

You should realize now that you owe nobody a damn thing, and that includes your parents and your siblings. You have got a life to live, so no one should intrude your plan of flexing by enticing you to deal with trivialities, like helping with the homework. Tufiakwa. Since daddy does have the money, why can’t he just hire one of the best teachers in your siblings school and take them through their assignment. You were not born to suffer another person problem.¬†Know this.

I know you are in the mood to thank me, but don’t. These are tips that have helped in our transitions to young adulthood, and we owe you the sacred duty to pass it on. So, dear reader, pass it on too. Save lives from the shackles of disguised slavery. Every good deed counts. Trust me, our parents understand too.

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