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How to be a peace-restoring President

How to be a peace-restoring President

By: Aniebiet Effiong

There are some places that need peace. One of those places is Nigeria. You can one day assume the office of a President and restore the long lacking peace. I’ve got some tips for you. Please follow me keenly as I unravel to you few tips. 

Assuming it is 2015 and you want to be a President, do you think it can just happen without promises? The issue I have with plenty people is that they refuse to read their bibles. You would have read where Absalom tried to overthrow the Father, Jonathan. Abi, Goodluck? No, David!  All he had to do was act nice and promise them change. This one no dey fail. If this trick doesn’t work then I can return all your money spent for ticket and campaign. 

Cases of insecurity may however tend to get worse as years go by, but what can you do? I meant, what can you not do? Just ignore all those rumours of bandits and hoodlums and unknown gunmen. Ignore them.

By 2019, if you contest for a second term you will win. I assure you with all my might, strength and heart. You will win. Insha Allah. All you have to do is talk about getting to the next level. Smiles. Who doesn’t want to move to the next level? All these things is just a matter of semantics. If a Professor is your Vice then you have nothing to worry about. 

Are those rumoured boys still rampaging Sokoto, Kaduna, and a few other places? Just remain silent.

Please be silent over any insecurity talk. Keep focusing on how to grow the economy. You have done enough for peace to reign. 

Act fed up. Break the silence  and warn those boys. 

If your tenure is about ending 2023 and you’re in 2021 or 2022, just keep warning bandits. Is enough for peace to prevail. Is enough for insecurity to be curbed. By 2022 please promise Nigerians peace before 2023. Tell them the topic of insecurity will be gone by 2023.

To further promote peace, act as if you are not interested on who becomes the next President. You can even make a public speech on that. Say your mind. Your mind is that you are not interested on who leads next. Even if you have interest, of whose concern is it? How about some political leaders who anoint successors before leaving? Na your own go loud.

By these things you are a Peace restoring President. Congratulations! Your legacy shall never be erased in a hurry. 

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