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How nudity is sticking it to patriarchy

How nudity is sticking it to patriarchy

Originally a Twitter thread by Olóyè (@OluniyiGates).

The person who convinced women that their freedom is in nakedness and body positivity lies in indecent exposure scored a screamer for patriarchy.


Want to stick it to the patriarchy and protest against the objectification of women? Sure! Show some ass. Power to the people.

Objectify yourself before they objectify you.

They can’t objectify you if you objectify yourself first. The more you can show, the more powerful you have.

Men are scum. They are dogs, they do not respect women. The only way to take power back from them is by showing some labia. That’ll teach the idiots a lesson.

Wait what?! Men have all the sex and shame you for the same act. That’s stupid. Make them pay by fucking them for pleasure. Fuck him, leave, then never call him again. That’s powerful, that’s progressive. Makes you a strong independent woman.

Forget the Queen of England, she’s old. Forget every woman at the royal weddings not showing some boobs. They are part of a patriarchal institution. Showing ass is the new royalty. Wear nothing, post, and caption it: “Queen”. That’s what really makes you a Queen.

Queen Elizabeth who?

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