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How Nigerians keep sabotaging themselves

How Nigerians keep sabotaging themselves

By: Maryam Olajide

The bane of Nigeria’s issue presently can be traced to apathy and the unpatriotic attitude Nigerians have over the years showcased to the world. What they don’t realize is that no one will take you seriously if you don’t take yourself as one. Not only do they blow seemingly little events out of proportion, they are never grateful for the actions of their leaders.

Recently, news broke out that the Nigerian Hair Force “allegedly” killed over 20 Nigerian Harmy personnel by airstrike. It is important to note that no one is above mistake; moreover the news has to be properly investigated before we state whether it is true or not. We are not God, so do not expect us to have access to every information related to our work. Why do you have to put us on such a high pedestal? “Na you overrate us, Na you still dey talk say we no meet expectation.” “You sef con do am if e easy o.”

Some weeks back, Twitter subbed Nigerians with their chest. Such a delightful news to hear! They announced their decision to set up their Africa head office in Ghana. This is what you get when you wash your dirty linen in the public. To be patriotic is to suffer and smile, to see injustice and look away, to cover up bad atrocities, and to sometimes deprive yourself of your fundamental right. It is not everything that the eyes see that the mouth must tell. Well, we can say you’ve all learnt the hard way.

Twitter’s decision, according to reputable “Dr. Lie-Mo”, is the fault of both citizens as well as the media which exaggerated the challenges faced in the country. At no time was this worse than during the #EndSARS protests when Nigerian journalists, both traditional and new media, were trying to outdo themselves in painting Nigeria as a hell where nobody should live. These sets of people conspired to vilify the government, and yet they are the ones who suffer the consequences.

According to reputable Dr. Lie-Mo, “When you destroy your own house, where are you going to live?”

Does it matter if the said house is inhabitable, unsafe, or not fit for human existence? The answer is No!  Nigerians have to be grateful they have a house at all! This is exactly what you get for not being patriotic. Imagine the kind of job opportunities you would have had, the exposure, access to other international offers and so much more.

They surely didn’t reflect deeply enough to realize that it is what the insiders say about their country that the outsider will use to judge.

To admit to reality, as a no-nonsense government, Twitter could be sent packing anytime, if their actions negate our principle of governance. Imagine, they had the mind to state that Ghana champions democracy and there is adherence to rule of law in the country. Such an unfounded statement!

As a government, we do not want criticisms, although we admit to our imperfections, which could sometimes cost you your life, or opportunities.  What we do not want is you broadcasting them for the whole world to see, because in the end, you’ll be left to suffer the consequences, as you’ve always had.

Maryam Olajide is a writer whose hate for injustice propelled her into writing satires. Well, that’s cliché, but are stories about injustice not? She tweets @maryam_olajide.

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