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How can men lead sensual revolution against women’s naked oppression on social media?

How can men lead sensual revolution against women’s naked oppression on social media?

by: Francis Ikuerowo

When I woke up this morning, and looking down on the raving penile engine under my boxer, as readily alarmed as this engine has always been every morning, my mind travelled far and wide, and I began to nurse some thoughts. I have finally mustered some courage to write this piece to share with my fellow comrades and everybody who’d read this someday.

Looking around us on social media, especially on TikTok and Instagram, one can hardly browse past three videos without seeing a woman—even a very young girl in her teens—on tight pants that manifest the contours of their yansh and reveal the heavenly glories of their bodily design from front to back, and bras that covered their breasts scantily, showing before us men the fruits of their spirit. Many of them, who are so light-skinned, skin as radiant as crystal, do not even put on bras, jiggling the oranges right under their tight tops, as they are hell-bent on shoving this sensual desire to the untamed fellow in men’s crotch and to show us men the stuff they are made of.

This engine jerks to life every morning without being asked to, of his own volition and leeway, disturbing the serenity of our morning bliss. This engine’s waking and living through every day, rising every now and then, when we browse through social media is a great discomfort to how sexually sane our minds can be, especially the less privileged men who cannot afford the sumptuous provisions of the women’s flesh.

So, I’m thinking that what if some men, starting with you perhaps, yes I mean you that always wear Calvin Klein boxers, those tight ones and you have that long, robust rod with conspicuous girth flashing before these women’s eyes, start this revolution I’m proposing; that of celebrating your body and the great rod and six packs that you’re blessed with on social media, too. I’m sure many women wouldn’t be able to take this. A reprisal attack, calm, subtle and peaceful, against women for the grave and growing injustice we men have experienced for some years now on social media, and that which our engines have terribly suffered in their hands.

It takes just a single man, or a crop of them, to start this revolution. And no, it can’t start with me. I’ve got elders whose engines are way bigger than mine and who have the unfettered leeway to do as they like on social media. I can only write and write — writing is my own tool — to encourage some of my comrades in this world of ours to follow suit as long as they have no value and relevance outside nudity and the others to better hold the fort and protect their personal brand till Christ comes back.

Whether you who are reading this piece start this revolution now or not, I know this revolution is going to happen someday when some men can no longer take it anymore. When this revolution eventually materializes, men and women of all faiths are going to witness the social media kingdom of Sodom and Gomorrah; a sensuous kingdom of freewill and intense sexual desire where loose men and women roam over the internet and social media with no tangible or concrete value asides their flaunting the inanities of their bodies to the sensual gratifications of every viewer.
Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah, nobody’s going to save us, unless the internet is shut down. But I’m hell sure the capitalists wouldn’t do that. Oh, what a bitter-sweet world that will be! A world where nudity reigns supreme! 

Francis Ikuerowo is a writer and a final year Communication and Language Arts student at the University of Ibadan. He has particular interest in journalistic writing, social issues on social media, and multilingualism. He receives mails at ikuerowo9@gmail.com and tweets @francisikuerowo

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Ifeoluwa Kayode-Dada

I humbly opine that this is a very complex topic and insight is required to ensure that one’s opinion doesn’t fuel the gender war further. An insightful look will show that the over-marketing of sex is done on both gender turfs. It is ruining a lot of things particularly relationships and justifying disrespect to the genders as seen in your article’s gory portrayals of the female body. Topics that will actually help society include the over-marketing of sex and the abuse of women or the right to freedom of expression vis a vis the sexuality of women and men. Thank… Read more »

1 year ago

Men already do this, both genders do it. Humbly, I suggest a Google search. Humbly.

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