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Government don come again

Government don come again

By: Ayankola Ahmed

Wetin dey happen?

Government don come again

Awa kẹẹ

Always right!

Artificial scarcity 

It’s all government in action

Even if the culprits get caught

Na government cause am!

Hoarding of dollars

Abi no be government?

If the executive is free from prosecution,

Surely, we must be free from blame 

What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

If they buy our votes, 

Na offer and acceptance

No be crime

Na stomach infrastructure we dey call am 

No be billions we embezzle

So we no dey corrupt

Na buying and selling

That is who we are,

Blame no fit touch us

Shebi sovereignty resides in us?

Ayankola Ahmed is a student of the ‘better-by-far’ University of Ilorin. He’s a satirist and can be contacted through ayankolaahmed@yahoo.com.

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3 months ago

Apt and relevant!

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