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Gov. Obiano, listen to the voice of unreason

Gov. Obiano, listen to the voice of unreason

By: Chuks Chinyere.

I am a 27-year-old businessman with a total net worth the average yahoo boy would blow without flinching, yet I believe I can hit the $1trillion mark before Elon Musk. You can call it wishful thinking but I call it Thinking Big — exactly what Governor Obiano should be doing with his political career.

I find it disheartening that some pundits would find ink in their pen to write plenty about how Gov. Obiano has done less than an admirable job in his almost eight years as amiable Governor of Anambra State, especially in comparison with Fmr. Governor Peter Obi.

First of all, comparison is a thief of joy; you don’t compare people like that, you have to accept the people just the way they are and appreciate their effortless efforts. In case no one had noticed, it takes quite a bit to stay fly at 60+, especially while married to a wife who is constantly trying to outdo you with the hair relaxer.

Think about it, Gov. Obiano could have decided to do nothing in his first term as he did in his second term, but he chose to light up Aroma. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t conceive the plan, kick the project off, or see it to near completion. What matters is, Aroma is shining — when it can, like half of the sun on the Biafran flag.

For a multi-party political system, the rare occurrence of another party other than APC or PDP winning gubernatorial elections in Nigeria in the last decade makes no modest remarks about how much Gov. Obiano has done in his second term as governor of Anambra State. You could try to rain on Gov. Obiano’s parade again and imply that the National Working Committee of the party is more worthy of the praise, right to the last man on that grassroots committee, who did the hard job of convincing Ndi Anambra to trust their party’s decision one last time … after what isi-champo used their eyes to see in nearly eight years.

It is true that the Angel you know, is better than the Devil you know too well, the reason why APC or PDP wasn’t so much of an option, yet we still would give credit to Gov. Obiano for not putting a knife to the cock before Christmas, like his Deputy Governor.

2023 is around the corner, this time the most revered position in the land will be open as His Excellency, President Buhari, in his established respect to the Nigerian constitution and evidenced love for Nigerians, has declared his disinterest in a third term. It is true the lot of Nigerians who had summoned the courage to demand the President continue his rulership of peace and progress met themselves with a bit of disappointment and fear for how much they might be needing to pay lawyers, with a new President on the seat.

Gov Obiano on the other hand is in for a landslide to victory. Now is the perfect time for Gov. Obiano to jump ship to the APC, where he has got his best chance to become Nigeria’s next President.

Nigerians deserve to enjoy what Ndi-Anambra has been licking their fingers to, for almost eight years now. It can’t be said enough, how high the time is for an Igbo Presidency and APC is just the right place for Gov. Obiano to help the Igbo people achieve this.

I would advise he shouldn’t be bothered about more lucrative and realistic adventures like running for a seat in the Senate, which the cock he is presently riding can make him come to. Dear Gov. Obiano, listen to the voice of unreason, do not take the path that your friends have taken, reach for the stars, Think Big. The Presidential seat is just your stepping stone, don’t let the tussle between Jagaban and Yemi rattle you.

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