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Five years after, Samuel’s ‘red card prophesy’ comes to pass

Five years after, Samuel’s ‘red card prophesy’ comes to pass

By: Oluwaseye Ogunsanya

In the build-up to the 2019 general contest, Samuel declared that the ruling party had given him “red card” and this would pave the way for him to join any team that has an ideology worthy of being adopted by his administration. 

“As for team, I have been given red card and I’m outside the pitch. So, if I have been given red card and I’m standing outside, I’m a free man. So I don’t know what will happen next but I’m waiting. If others approach me, then I will tell the food basket people that I’m joining another football club. I’m a child of destiny and it’s only God that will decide what I will be.” he said.

Well after making the statement, Samuel went on to join another club which happened to not only be his former club but the main opposition club. He would go on to spend his final term as stated in his contract with the former club and eventually join a camp known as G5 who believed that the main opposition club did not adhere to its tripod principle of equity, justice and fairness in choosing leaders for the new season. This action split the club’s dressing room and affected its chances at the just concluded contest. 

Samuel like other key members of the G5 camp except two had also seek to retire at the league’s upper legislative chamber but their ambition didn’t come to fruition as he performed the priestly role by volunteering to sacrifice his ambition for Peter, another fast emerging club leader from Labour FC (a third force) considered to be the best man to take the league out of the trenches of corruption and misgovernance.

Unknown to Samuel, his ‘red card’ declaration were not just mere words but words of prophecy which would become fulfilled 5 years after. Indeed as Samuel had declared that the ruling club had given him “red card” in 2018, it all turned out to be so in 2023 as he suffered a home and away defeat in the hands of the ruling club. 

He first lost his bid to hang his boot at the league’s upper legislative chamber and he went on to lose the food basket which he currently controls to a man of his kind (a reverend father) from the ruling party.

As a “child of destiny” that he is, Samuel’s words about the ruling party giving him a red card failed to fall to the ground, instead it came to pass and it’s a match ban for him.

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