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Finding Nigerian Solutions to Air Pollution

Finding Nigerian Solutions to Air Pollution

by: Oshodi Boluwatife Treasure

My name is Soluyi Shanawole. This article would be containing my 100% efficient and scalable solution to air pollution all over the world. Read and breathe in fresh air whilst not erring in my perspective(s) on this matter.

Do you ever wonder if Earth had no pollution at all? I think about that all the time. If Earth really had no pollution, the world would be a better place. In my own little understanding, air pollution is when harmful particles saturate the atmosphere just enough to cause harm to us and our surroundings. One very obvious example is the issue of global warming. Yes! Global warming [now, you know!]. A larger percentage of the health and environmental problems we face in our society is as a result of global warming.

From burning of carbon fuels to emissions in factories, to even our hair sprays – yes, they contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which contaminate the air we breathe indoors; likewise other sprays including room and pesticides sprays. Don’t even get me started on smoking! It’s one of the major contributors to air pollution all around the world. Did you know that the air pollution emitted by cigarettes is 10 times greater than a diesel car exhaust? [now, you know!]

Now that we have established some of the causes of air pollution in our environment, let me share some of my thoughts on how we could reverse the harmful effects of the air pollution in our society and hopefully, the world realises its significance and adopt these measures.

First of all, we should consider a cleaner mode of transportation: piggyback riding! Our fathers, uncles, elder brothers, heck, even our mothers carried us on their backs at one time or the other without contributing to the pollution of the atmosphere (except maybe any of them forgets to brush their teeth and gets out of breath while piggyback riding). We could also improvise with boats on roads instead of gasoline vehicles that cough to death in varying shades of grey from their behinds; despite the number of grades their fuels attended. At worst, we burn down all the cars once and for all!

Secondly, we cease all production shut down the factories and kill all of the workers to annihilate any form of resistance to these reforms! (we’ve seen how it all plays out in the movies). Plus, we stop wearing clothes and live out our days unclad as we bask in the glory of the morning breeze, summer sun and winter storms – enjoying Mother Nature’s goodness year in, year out!

Researchers also claim that farting in front of a lover makes a lady more human, which fosters empathy and enhances their relationship. This also implies that no one is holding back or hiding their true self to their partner. Farting is a natural bodily activity, similar to laughing, weeping, or eating, when you think about it. Just imagine inhaling the flatulence of your loved one(s) instead of the lung-suffering fumes that come from the burning of carbon.

fuels. Family bonds would grow stronger and divorce cases would drop drastically! Isn’t that a wonderful thing? No more broken homes and societal ills as a result!

Imagine a better world without air pollution. Everyone indeed has a role to play in making the world a better place! I hope that I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you on the necessary steps to be made so as to restore clean air back to the environment and our entire ecosystem.

Soluyi Shanawole writes from Lagos, Nigeria.

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Bisi Adenekan
Bisi Adenekan
1 year ago

A hilarious way to discuss a very serious issue! Honestly, I was attracted from Google by the image (the tree and the emission), very clear message, thank you.

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