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FG’s clampdown on terrorism: #EndSARS promoters latest to be proscribed

FG’s clampdown on terrorism: #EndSARS promoters latest to be proscribed

By: Machiavelli Miga

The newly formed military wing of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has followed the footsteps of it’s administrative counterparts in the fight against terrorism in the country. Recall that the bank accounts of at least 20 #EndSARS Promoters were frozen on orders of the apex bank. The military wing of CBN, it’s administrative branch in cahoots with the Federal Government, after thorough painstaking investigation have unanimously agreed to proscribe #EndSARS Promoters as terrorists.

Here is an exclusive interview with our correspondent, Sapphire-erudite with the governor of the apex bank, Mr. Godween Emere Faillè:

Sapphire-erudite: What is this rumours about #EndSARS Promoters being tagged as terrorists?

Emere Faillè: Oh it’s not a rumour, alright. It’s a fact. Terrorists under the guise of #EndSARS protesters purportedly carried out heinous crimes bothering on treason that could greatly destabilize the good governance Nigerians are enjoying for the first time ever since independence by this ever-listening government.

Sapphire-erudite: Hold on, since independence? But this same man was the military head in the 80s; are you saying he was inept then?

Emere Faillè: No. On the contrary, he was the best of the lot. It’s just that as you and I both know, that military government will always have its drawbacks the way it’s structured and it was an unfortunate scenario the General found himself.

Sapphire-erudite: Back to the #EndSARS Promoters. Their accounts were first frozen?

Emere Faillè: Yes. Like I said, after some painstaking investigation, we found out that about 20 of them opened their accounts and were receiving suspicious amounts of monies from donors in and outside the country in the name of providing food and other logistics for a protest, a common protest…

Sapphire-erudite: …not to cut you short, sir, but what about alleged Boko Haram financiers caught in the United Arab Emirates who had Nigerian accounts, why were the accounts not traced and frozen?

Emere Faillè: It is rude of you my child to cut an elder short while talking. Be that as it may, you know the Boko Haram sect are heavily sophisticated. #EndSARS protesters on the other hand are amateur terrorists we nipped in the bud before they could use these new funds to buy sophisticated guns, armory, and bombs. That’s why they started by burning police stations and maiming gallant officers of the force for no just cause.

Sapphire-erudite: But Sir, those were hoodlums that took advantage of the peaceful protests.

Amere Faillè: That’s all fake news and what they want you to believe. Believe me it’s the same miscreants.

Sapphire-erudite: The question about Boko Haram financiers caught in the UAE, you sort of did not buttress on that, sir?

Emere Faillè: Oh my dear child, I didn’t. In fact I was coming to that. You see, those caught in the UAE for allegedly funding Boko Haram… it is a question of diplomacy and international relations, that’s what is stalling investigations. We alongside the Federal Government are working round the clock to ensure stability in the policy. #EndSARS Promoters are the latest to be brought to book for attempting to terrorize the country with a protest.

Sapphire-erudite: Amazing, keep up the good work.

Emere Faillè: Thank you.

The capabilities of the #EndSARS Promoters and their terrorists plan must really be a pain in the neck for the current CBN governor and to a large extent the federal government for him to keep meandering towards the newly proscribed #EndSARS Promoters each time questions are asked about the tracing of the funds for Boko Haram. A thing worse than Boko Haram is probably finally here and the government are getting jittery about it.

That said, the majority of Nigerians benefiting from the good governance of the day are at pains to understand why corporate bodies, Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) and so called well meaning Nigerians are vociferous in their condemnation of #EndSARS Promoters being tagged as potential terrorists and their bank accounts frozen. In a sane world, no one will want to be associated with terrorists, let alone be found defending them.

Machiavelli Reports will therefore praise to the high heavens the government for how well they dealt with the #EndSARS Promoters who are now terrorists. Politicians with over 60 bank accounts totaling billions of naira are not a direct threat to Nigeria. Nor are contracts awarded and siphoned by cronies any threat or worthy of it being tagged terrorism against the people’s commonwealth.

It is those who protest with dangerous cardboard papers, the Nigerian flag, and white t-shirts with terrorist inscriptions calling for an end to police brutality and their accomplices who fund the printing of these items of treason to the government and common man that are terrorists.  FG una well done o. Ya real father! 😡

Machiavelli Miga is a terrorist with words, a wordsmith still learning the art of playing with words, an academic researcher and freelance writer. Reach him on 09025922941.

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