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Chelsea’s ungratefulness and why Potter should take legal acton

Chelsea’s ungratefulness and why Potter should take legal acton

By: Ajibade Abdullah Adewale

When I heard the loud and unusual noise of football fans with Chelsea fans feeling excited a few days ago, I thought the English Football Association had decided to disqualify the top 10 teams in the league and crown Chelsea as the winner. However, it came to me as a shock when I got to know that it was because Graham Potter was sacked.

What the hell!

Why would anyone sack Potter? This is pure cheating. It is not every coach that will be as gifted as this man; he’s the chosen one.  We all saw how he took Brighton to the Champions League on different occasions — the reason Boehly employed him. What else? We all saw the great work he was doing at Chelsea. This man solely carried the team to the Champions League quarter-finals, and the only way they could repay him was with a sack letter? These people are pure ingrates.

I won’t lie, this development doesn’t sit well with me, and I am as angry as a wet hen. I will advise Potter to take legal action against the board and the fans. He needs to reclaim his mandate and cleanse his credibility from those ingrates. If he were a Nigerian, Barrister Wike of Rivers State could effortlessly help him; it is his forte. Ordinary putting a call through would restore his mandate.

Chelsea fans need to understand that cutting off the head has never been the antidote to headaches — of which there is even no headache. It’s high time they learnt to trust and believe in the process. It’s not easy to be the league leader in the second table of the English Premier League. It takes a lot of resources and commitment. Kudos to Potter for that.

I am certain that Chelsea fans in Nigeria played a major role in this development. Yesterday, they complained that INEC failed to upload results on its portal; today, they complain that Potter does not have the best results. How exactly do they want to be satisfied? No result, they complain; there is a result, they lament.

Well, at this point, what Potter needs is to be obedient to my admonition and reclaim his mandate of integrity. On his mandate, I stand. If it means carrying a placard, on his mandate, I shall stand. If it means burning the rented bridge, I shall still stand on his mandate. This is a fight to restore Chelsea’s glory, which can only be achieved when Potter is at the wheel.

Ajibade Abdullah Adewale, with the pseudonym Ogbeni Pentalk, is a writer cum part-time satirist in Nigeria. He is interested in Environment, Politics, and Sports. He tweets @iampentalk

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