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Behold a new Jerusalem!

Behold a new Jerusalem!

By: Aniebiet Effiong

It pays to have visionary person as a leader. It really does. Of course that is one of the qualities of leadership. One cannot assume an office with blurry sight, else such will mislead the mass. There are states with blind leaders but such is not the case of Akwa Ibom. We have a leader with foresight. 

If an ecclesiastical title is not attached to the name of your Governor then you are all far from the way to heaven. You people should check yourselves again. Without titles like Deacon, Apostle, Pastor, Reverend, your leader is an ordinary man. And how can an ordinary man pilot the affair of a whole state with no sense of spirituality? 

Our Governor has seen the second coming on the way. He has seen it. He has the eyes to see what we cannot. He sees on behalf of us, that is why he has dedicated N23.7bn for building of a mega worship centre within a duration of just four years (2019-2022). This is the kind of budget a Governor should focus on, not on frivolities like education, medical facilities, and the likes.

To those still bothering about education, what will education do for you when our leader has seen the second coming? ‘That same God’ of Noah and the ark has opened the eyes of our Governor. If you like stay there and be criticizing what you do not know. As for me and my family we shall join in building this worship centre. 

My humble plea: Dear Governor, please make the budget for this worship centre N100.2bn at once. This will accommodate everyone who believes in your high sense of spirituality, including the people of Jerusalem. 

I believe that by 2022, we shall have the new Jerusalem in Akwa Ibom state. This shall be a fulfillment of the promise.

Asides being Aniebiet Effiong, loving Poetry, Pepsi, Adaugo, Afang soup, and watching Messi, sometimes all I need is a good satire to keep me going. Social media handles: Facebook — Aniebiet Effiong; Twitter — @aniebieteffion8; WhatsApp — 08024032005

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