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Baba God, we’re grateful coronavirus met us prepared

Baba God, we’re grateful coronavirus met us prepared

By: Maryam Olajide

The power of prayer and gratitude can never be overemphasised, especially in Nigeria. So, Heavenly Father, we bless you for your protection over us, for opening our eyes to institute health facilities in core places prior to this pandemic, for the steps we have taken in combating this corruption-borne virus, for granting us strong immune systems, and for our foresight in writing a letter to the National Assembly about strict compliance to rules. Baba! We’re forever grateful.

O’ Lord! We do not take your blessings for granted.

Although at first, we thought this whole thing was a rumour, hence our carelessness in taking appropriate measures. You can not totally blame us for caring, for carrying out our constitutional duties, for trying to make Nigeria a better place for us all. All these were done out of the country’s, rather than our personal, interest.

It is no longer news that Abba Kyari who tested positive went to Germany to discuss one of Nigeria’s greatest challenges: power shortages, but sadly came back infected with the virus. It, therefore, means it happened while he was serving our dear country. Such a hero!

While we are aware that he should have practised self-isolation to prevent him from spreading to other people, let us also be thankful for our dear president shockingly tested negative — even though a top government source told Sahara Reporters that persistent coughing by the President raised fears in Aso Villa on Tuesday. It’s just a mild persistent cough,  nothing to worry about. It is nothing but evidence of God’s faithfulness. Baba! We’re forever grateful.

Reports have shown that a lot of you are happy with the news that other top government officials are testing positive and that you think they deserve this. May God forgive you for your lack of empathy, which they themselves have shown you in your trying times. What you don’t know is that we have a functional healthcare system in place to sustain us during these difficult days. Being people of foresight, we are already aware that our hope of foreign medical care has been dashed and it’s high time we got treatment from the healthcare centres in our respective states and constituencies.

Also, kindly disregard the information saying a source within the Presidency told Sahara Reporters that Abba Kyari was denied use of the Presidential Intensive Care Unit, after Ministry of Health officials pointed out that crisis could arise should an emergency come up around the president. You self reason am; is this possible in a place where between 2016 and 2018, N5.2 billion was budgeted for the Aso Villa Clinic, so why should he be flown to Lagos? For we have directed this fund rightly, we do not fear.

We understand perfectly what it means to not have a choice, to be stuck with the outcome of our previous decisions, to have to enjoy the standard facilities we have in place. Karma is not real, neither is it the most patient gangster ever.

May your thoughts of Coronavirus locating politicians and top-career officers come to pass only if they have in any way in the past siphoned money meant for providing quality healthcare.

Say amen, if e sure for you.

Maryam Olajide is a Writer, Editor, Law Student and lover of all forms of art. She is passionate about volunteering to change societal causes. She can be reached on Instagram @_maryamm.o and Twitter @maryam_olajide.

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Lawal Toheeb
Lawal Toheeb
4 years ago

It’s really glaring that karma is not real👌👌…but it’s high time our politicians did the right thing so that karma will not karmalized them again after Mr Covid-19 pass away.

Actually, we citizens aren’t left out.

What cost 200 naira before has become 500 naira; why? The price has been coronarized.

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