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“I have never received bribe all my life” — Ameshi to sue Magun for plagiarism

“I have never received bribe all my life” — Ameshi to sue Magun for plagiarism

By: Machiavelli

Information just reaching me is that the the Minister of Wakabout, Mr Ameshi, is putting final preparations to nail the embattled former EFCC chief, Mr Magun, for plagiarism.

From my sources close to the Honorable Minister, I can authoritatively tell you that when news broke out Wednesday that Mr. Magun uttered words during a meeting with the press on never receiving a bribe in his life, the honorable minister was left flabbergasted, utterly astonished, and vowed to fight like every struggling Nigerian out there to protect his verbal properties.

Recall that the ever gallant Minister and former governor from the south a few years back had said during an interview when asked about corruption:

 “…I have never recieved bribe in all my life, I don’t like money.”

The reaction from Nigerians was positive, most of them stating that such an assertion from a public office holder deserves cheers and not jeers. Indeed, these saintly words are known nationwide as one of the major reasons Ameshi is still holding down the fort in his ministerial position. Toeing the path of Nigerians who brought back a very successful leader in the 80s to lead them again, the minister has brought back locomotives from the 80s for us in 2020. The older the better, right? All done without taking a bribe in a country where giving bribes is as common as drinking sachet water and throwing the empty sachets into the gutter.

In spite of all these developments, one is left in limbo as to how the former EFCC Chief, Mr. Magun, will have the temerity to throw the same line at Nigerians as a form of defence even after both his hands were caught deep inside the cookie jar of recovered funds.

The We No Go Gree Group (WNGGG), a non-political social group consisting of youths aged 55 and under, have long began the process of protesting the flagrant act of plagiarism with no acknowledgement to the first and original speaker. My colleague, Gunter Glick, who interviewed the 49-year-old president of the group, Mr. Easy Yammu, was told the group was tired of names of public holders being thrown into the mud after they had worked hard to attain these lofty positions for themselves.

The ever versatile, pragmatic and conscious youths however need to hold their peace, as the honourable minister has already decided to head to court for appeasement. If Mr. Magun thinks his days in court will soon be over, he better have a rethink as the honourable minister is looking to sue for a rumoured amount of N100 million. If you ask me that’s chicken change compared to what the former EFCC chairman allegedly embezzled.

Alternatively, Mr. Magun has until Monday next week to retract the statement or acknowledge the original author whilst exploring an out-of-court settlement.

Asked why he will resort to such a heavy sum in the sue plea, Mr. Ameshi told our correspondent that he will reiterate what he said years back about not receiving bribes. As such the money will come in handy to sort out his rising bills and expenditure, which he has been unable to meet up with due to his hatred for bribes and kickbacks. It’s also his belief that this will serve as a deterrent to others who are fond of using people’s works without proper reference.

Meanwhile, it is sad that the subtle art of fainting as a form of defence by public officials was not patented by the first fainter, Old Isa May II. The result has been it’s abuse by public office holders like one Pondeiing who carried out fainting acts based on poor scripts, poor acting, and without an iota of finesse.

Machiavelli is a pun star, freelance writer, book reviewer and academic researcher and can be reached via mobile for writing gigs: 09025922941.

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Wahab AR Ọlálékan
Wahab AR Ọlálékan
3 years ago

Well-written, Bro. The satire is awesome.

3 years ago

Nice article pun king, pun star doesn’t really do you justice. Cool insight into EFCC chairman saga👌

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