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All hail Nigeria’s new saviour, Boss Mustapha, who has risen from the dead

All hail Nigeria’s new saviour, Boss Mustapha, who has risen from the dead

By: Bankole Wright

Nigeria is blessed with men of valour, warriors and saviours and small gods at different levels; from government and policy making sectors to religious organisations. We really cannot fail in this country as forces carry us in their arms.

Shall we take a moment to acknowledge one of the men of valour, Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and now chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, for rising from the dead in this period of pandemic? He has been so distant all these years, possibly six feet under the ground, that he has been innocently ignorant of the state of Nigeria’s health sector.

Now he comes, Nigeria’s knight in shining armour, to save us. Let us give praise, glory and honour to the risen king and saviour who has arisen to deliver us from the shackles of the deplorable health sector and systems.

Boss Mustapha was blind to the state of the nation’s health system but now he can see. He was dead, but now has arisen. All hail the man, the saviour who at this crucial time has arrived to deliver us from a long-lasting disease, plagued by corruption and bad leadership, insensitivity and negligence.

We have found the one who is to come and deliver us from this iniquity and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We are happy he arose from the dead at the arrival of the Chinese doctors into Nigeria. Now he will clean the threshold so the doctors can have a free pass into dealing with the pandemic called Covik-1-9.

Nigerians can all seat back and relax as our Avenger has arrived.

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