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A quick comment on Lai’s linking of insecurity to 1975 coup

A quick comment on Lai’s linking of insecurity to 1975 coup

By: Aniebiet Effiong

“The fact is that in 1973 … the government of that day came out with a decision that what will prevent another civil war is to ensure that anybody born after January 1970 has free and compulsory primary education. Regrettably that administration was overthrown two years later and all the lofty ideas and all the preparations that were needed to ensure that every child of school age acquired free and compulsory education were jettisoned. And we are paying the price today because if you have 13.2 million children of school-age out of school that is the market which Boko Haram, bandits, IPOB and other militants, that is the market where they recruit people.”

Lai Mohammed. April 26, 2021.

I totally agree with the minister’s position on the current setbacks in the country. I know there are many doubters out there who wouldn’t agree with this point of view. Absolute sceptics! Doubting Thomases. 

When Murtala Mohammed overthrew Gowon on what was said to be bloodless coup, didn’t he know the repercussion that would follow 46 years later? Even Obasanjo who was made his deputy didn’t advise him on the consequences that would spring up in the next 45 to 46 years?

I blame that 1975 coup d’etat. We are reaping what Murtala had sown. He had sown seeds of  insecurity, of bloodshed (even though the coup was bloodless), of bad economy, of hunger, of nepotism, of ethnicity, even of money embezzlement. And now all we reap is corruption which our amiable President has vowed to fight against. See what Murtala’s greed for power has fetched us. Insecurity!

Yet some people would go ahead to heap blames on Buhari. Yet some would even count him incompetent without knowing the spiritual effect of what happened in 1975. Please join me as we put all the blame of this regime’s failure on the coup.

Lai should be ordained a Prophet for such an uncommon revelation. 

Asides being Aniebiet Effiong, loving Poetry, Pepsi, Adaugo, Afang soup, and watching Messi, sometimes all I need is a good satire to keep me going. Social media handles: Facebook — Aniebiet Effiong; Twitter — @aniebieteffion8; WhatsApp — 08024032005

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