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2023 election: By design, all of us will make money

2023 election: By design, all of us will make money

by: Quadri Yahya

At first, these periods served as a baller period for delegates during the primaries of political parties in the country. I missed that opportunity because I was not ripe enough to rip the fruit of my labour in politics. I was still acting like the good guy that prioritized the interest of the people. I wanted to vote for a good aspirant to contend in any election. Meanwhile, it was but a lie as one hungry but honest man’s vote can’t prevail over the other pocketed delegates. Hence, it is now a game of chop-make-I-chop.

Politics in the country takes a new dimension – at least the poverty rate will reach 95 million in 2022 according to the World Bank. And as the flavour, sugar and ice of the national cake drool downward, it’s smart to lick sharply. That was what happened when delegates collected their share of the cake, and one thing is certain, all of us will make money. At some political parties’ national conventions, the movies are memorable. 

Just before knocking off the thought that corruption now walks from one street to another and from door to door, the Ekiti election was quite impressive – one man, one vote and some token to buy foodstuffs in lieu of the unsurprising poverty rate. No blame for the electorates who had etched it in their mind that such an opportunity comes once in four years: if I was there, I couldn’t imagine myself pocketing my conscience to fill my purse.

We heard that there was a door-to-door campaign. Hence, this proverb translation comes to mind: money is the bicycle of evangelism.

Understanding that it is not a total truth that most of our leaders are corn persons who will go to any farm to pluck from the stalk, however, the lie is that they’re too dishonest to be docile to the law when the people come to the ballot with open palms like beggars.

It is on this backdrop that I will give you a takeaway – take it dearly as it will be useful in the forthcoming 2023 election. 

Everybody interested in making cool cash should join politics ASAP as the presidential election approaches where the kingmaker, the articulate, and the obedient among others will be doling out cash. Our votes belong to the highest bidder as we live in mystery in the country. 

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