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Five (scientifically proven) ways to becoming a patriotic Nigerian

Researchers from the Kilimanjaro Institute of Social Development, and Exaggerated Living (KISDEL), Nigerian Patterned Behaviour (NPB) department, have come out with a listing of top five traits that patriotic Nigerians show everywhere across the world. This list was curated after a deep study of the behaviour of one thousand Nigerians…


“The mace wasn’t stolen, it was only part of a legislative exercise” – Saraki tells Nigerians

The Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bukola Saraki has gone to Twitter to express his displeasure at how Nigerians misconstrued a national exercise ­by Nigerian senators on Wednesday, April 18, 2019. He expressed himself thus: “It is part of the NASS culture to organize an assembly program…

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