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Nigeria Air’s death anniversary and why Gbajabiamila needs 361 aides│Oladeinde Olawoyin

So, as things stand, Mr Gbajabiamila’s decision to appoint just 33 aides is a disaster waiting to happen. He needs more and more aides—-at least 360, a number that matches the gigantic structure of his dreams and of course the number of members he has to deal with in the House, especially those recalcitrant opposition figures. And as he has shown commendable espirit de corps by appointing former members of the House as aides, there are still more people from where those ones came. He could go back to the archive and check through names of House members who lost re-election bids since 1999 and he would have more than enough. Of course, no number would be enough for this kind of dream, anyway.

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