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Clarifying gender balance: How to celebrate the men in your life

Clarifying gender balance: How to celebrate the men in your life

by: Mustapha Lawal

To get right to the point, it is past time to set aside the discussion or struggle, or whatever it is called between men and women about equality, equalisation, compensation, or anything. I despise watching women suffer unjustly and needlessly under the pretext of being the lesser sex.

Being called the weaker sex is very bad, but accepting the notion that “I am a woman, and vulnerable, so I need to be considered in so many ways, give me what I deserve (or what I do not deserve), not on the account of ability or merit, but on the account that I am a woman,” is the worst notion ever.

The world is unfair to women, no doubt. We all know that at least. It was International Women’s Day some months ago, and in the same month, we had Mothering Sunday, another holiday to celebrate these beautiful creatures during the Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Day of the Girl Child e.t.c. Such injustice!

Anyway, it is beautiful to see that in celebration of these wonderful creatures, the street of social media was lit full of engagement and properly filtered images of this great being. Awesome stuff, as we should break the biases, because it is so unfair to see so many takes and thoughts on the lives of these creatures when it seems as though everyone has liberty.

Oh, liberty I said – I meant otherwise, because we all must have forgotten what that means. Thanks to the human rights privileges we have enjoyed till this moment and social media for doing the Lord’s work in protecting our dignity as humans and even women. 

Anyways, even though we all agree that a day is not enough to celebrate these powerful creatures, we at least all honoured the day and celebrated them in full gleam, advocating for better representation, showering gratitude and praises for their role and those are all beautiful to see.

But, you know, boys are stones. Men are scum. To be a male is to be strong and never a prey. So we can all agree that whatever role (as a father, brother, son or husband), the male gender play is almost unimportant and can be easily replaced. What a man can do, a woman can do better, innit? Isn’t it that men are always guilty, so why should we hear a side of their story? 

I don’t know what I was searching for on the web that got me the result of international days for men. So really? Does such thing exist or was just created, does that even matters? But who on earth told the men that they can be celebrated too? Why do they have to be celebrated when they have nine lives and have never used one to make this one world a better place.

Anyways, regardless of who brought about that, we should celebrate it and as per your unpaid and unsolicited adviser that I am, here are some suggestions to help us celebrate our men nicely on the international days created for them too.

Firstly, we’ve all agreed celebrations are meant for reflection.

What is the importance of any celebration you have without reflecting on the important things that have happened?

So, my dear, don’t forget to remind all men in your life of their ills and wrongs, which enhances deep reflection more than anything else. Yes, remind them that men are scum, that they are the sole contributors to every menace going on in society, and that they’re too demanding, despite doing nothing to be responsible. Remind them, preach it to them and help them reflect better

What a man can do, a woman can do better.

It began with, what a man can do, a woman can try, then it became, what a man can do, a woman can do as well. Then, what a man can do a woman can do even better. Now it is, what a man can do, a woman can overdo. Why turn everything into a war of words? Why can men accept things and just admit women are superior beings? Is that too much of a price to pay for the peace, sanity and better of the world?

So instead of praising men for whatever good they must’ve done before, kindly highlight to them, several women that must have done more in different situations on the international men’s day. Thank the women for shouldering all the men’s responsibility in your life, since they did that anyway and men can do no good when women are doing better.

And you men, I heard you started raising objections to the simple fact that you are a stone. How dare you?! Have you ever seen a stone shout, throw tantrums, or even shed any tears, no matter how it is rolled, thrown or being hit by anything? You are the man! And you shall never be emotional, rather you shall shoulder the struggles of the world on your back with no complaints.

While I wish you are treated better and given an equal chance at leading a balanced life too, the fear of being mobbed or dragged like a faulty tiger generator will not even allow me to speak up, because who am I? Who am I in the face of all the amazing humans who never see human beings beyond gender roles? Who believes gender is the ultimate disparity of successful living? Maybe we can do better and live as humans, far away from all these gender biases in the name of equality. Anyhoo, Happy International (Wo)men’s Day, everyday.

Yours satirically,

Mustapha Lawal is a curious guy seeking to understand the ideals and ideas of the world. He can be found everywhere and anywhere there’s knowledge to learn. He tweets at @muslaw026 and can be reached via email: lawalmustapha1000@gmail.com

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