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Calm down! Our government can’t multitask.

Calm down! Our government can’t multitask.

You know in Nigeria, in as much as we lay blame on the government, there is a need for us to calm down, exercise patience with these saviours of ours in the persons of our government officials who swore allegiance to serve with their might. It is imperative to cut them some slack; they have families too and go through emotional and psychological issues as well.

A major reason we should be much more patient with them is that our government officials cannot multitask. To multitask is a big trait which only lies in the hands of the ineffective and inefficient. Our government officials are always keen about efficiency and effectiveness, hence they cannot handle two things at a same time.

For instance, when the pandemic emerged into Nigeria, all sectors stood up to face it, both health, security, religious, and the rest stood up to eradicate this pandemic. In order to easily deal with this Israelite plague on our Egyptian land, Nigerians were asked to sit at home, wear nose masks and bathe with hand sanitisers as these are the only requirements that will make the angel of Corona pass over our doorpost. Nigerians did all of that.

Suddenly the real pandemic emerged, hunger came greeting and brought violence along. Thieves have ravaged Ogun and Lagos; the citizens are scared, lives at stake, now they have to fight their battles themselves.

Our government is busy, the health sector is working to fight this pandemic since we have a new saviour, Boss Mustapha. The religious sectors will not come out as they are on praying mountains interceding on behalf of the nation, since it is our iniquities that have brought this plague on us. The security officials are too busy in the war against Covid-19 since it is no longer a health matter but a matter of security now.

At this point, Ogun and Lagos should better fight their battles themselves, as our officials cannot handle more than one problem and the challenge at hand is Covik-1-9; all other problems do not hold water.

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