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From Our Allies

Job creation: Udom’s weapon for poverty alleviation in Akwa Ibom since 2015 

If you like be a graduate, if you’re not highly qualified for a job, you’ll remain at home. This government is not ready for any form of unprofessionalism. Ask those who took the examinations for teaching work. Most of them scored high but weren’t employed. Why?! They weren’t professional enough to be interviewed. Things like this cannot be known by flesh.

From Our Allies

And thy Lord hath revealed a new thing about full house husbands 

Brethren, divorces are on the high rise in this House. Husbands now show their strength by beating their wives to demonstrate their superiority. This is against the order of the world. Look at Delilah who used her wisdom to conquer the strength of Samson. We should not incur the wrath of the daughters of Eve. We should dedicate our to the Lord’s work by fulfilling their wishes in servitude. Amen?